StonGard Light Protection Kit

StonGard Light Protection Kit

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Product Description

The head lights in todays automobiles are extremely expensive. Gone are the days when you run to the local auto parts store and buy a new headlight for $10 when one gets broken. The headlights in todays automobiles are unique to a specific vehicle and are much more expensive.

What is StonGard Light?

StonGard Light is the very best transparent lens protection second to none.

  • StonGard's own special formulated vinyl is over 1/16" thick, yet is soft and flexible for absorbing most impacts.
  • StonGard Light is so transparent, it will not alter the appearance of the lens and becomes virtually "invisible" just a few feet away.
  • StonGard Light is optically clear and has been race-tested at over 160mph. It will not come off at high speeds. Many racecars today are using StonGard Light instead of tape that needs to be removed later.
  • Is it just tape? NO!
  • StonGard Paint Protection Film is made from a super-tough 3M urethane film that has been developed solely for the purpose of protecting the painted surfaces of automobiles. As you can see in the photo, it�s tough stuff. It takes a substantial amount of force to push a key through the film so imagine how well it will protect your car. We've heard of racers hitting cones at 130 MPH and not even making a mark in the stuff!

    Each piece is precut perfectly by computerized equipment to fit the many different shapes of lenses for each car listed in the selection box below. A quantity of "1" will get you a full kit for your whole car. Please select your vehicle from the list below.

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