Quick Time Electric Exhaust Cutout Controller

Quick Time Electric Exhaust Cutout Controller

Item Code: GN5007


This product has been discontinued and is not available to order.


Product Description

Just when you think the Quick Time Performance Electric Cutout is pretty high tech, Quick Time Performance brings you The Controller! The Controller is an upgrade from the standard toggle switch included with the electric cutout. A one push button open and one push button closed is all it takes. Hit the button and it automatically opens the butterfly for you and stops it at 100%.


  • Controls up to 2 QTECs
  • Calibrates each motor independently and synchronizes their position
  • Automatic close at power up
  • Digital status displays shows butterfly position
  • Manual pushbutton operation for open, close or partial open
  • User configurable partial open position
  • 2 Memory preset partial open settings
  • Short circuit protection on motor drive electronics
  • Fault detection and reporting
  • Automatic open or close by grounding or not grounding the trigger wire
  • LED butterfly position status from 0 to 100 where 0=Closed and 100=Wide Open


  • Quick Time Performance Electric Cutout
    The Controller is meant to work in conjunction with the Quick Time Performance Electric Cutout (available separately).

Installation Difficulty

Installation Difficulty 1 View Installation Instructions


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