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2005-2008 Dodge Magnum
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Earn Valuable Rewards Points for FREE Products and Discounts Every Time You Shop!

With each purchase at PFYC, you can earn rewards points redeemable for free or discounted products on future purchases. As your points accumulate, you can use them for discounts with each purchase or save them up to pay for your favorite product in full. There is no limit to how many points you can accumulate.

To track your points total, click the My Account button above and log in (you must have a Login to accumulate points). At the top of the Account Information page, your PointsForYourCar Reward Points total is listed. This information is also listed during the checkout process and you'll be presented with the option of redeeming your points for a discount on your order each time you place an order with us.


Q I just placed an order without using a login. Can I create a login and get the points from that order added my login?
A Absolutely! Simply create your login, then Contact Us with your Login name and order number and we'll take it from there.

Q Do my reward points expire and if so, when do they expire?
A Reward points are good for up to 1 year from the date they were earned before they expire.

Q How are reward points calculated?
A PointsForYourCar Reward Points are calculated based on the subtotal of your orders (shipping, handling and taxes do not earn points). The actual calculation of points may vary depending on product, order total and any special promotion that may be going on.

Q Why do I have to have a Login to earn points?
A In order to track points, the system must have a Login on file to associate the points to. Having a Login is as simple as creating a username and password during the checkout process. It requires no other information that an order placed without an account would require such as billing address and shipping address information. Your personal information is never shared with anyone else and we do not store credit card numbers on our servers. View our Privacy Statement here.

Q Can I redeem points on the purchase I just earned them on?
A Reward points are not available to use on the same order they were earned on.

Q Can I sell or give away my points to others?
A Reward points are not transferable to another account.

Q Can I redeem my points for cash?
A No, Rewards Points are only redeemable for products in our online store.

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