Custom DiabloSport Predator Flash Programmer for C6 Corvette

Custom DiabloSport Predator Flash Programmer for C6 Corvette

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Looking for the most powerful PCM-tuning tool on the market? Unlike typical off-the-shelf programmers, the 2006-2011 Z06/2006-2011 C6 LS2/LS3 Corvette DiabloSport II by SLP comes armed with ultra-hot custom tunes (replacing the Standard Diablo Performance Tune) developed specifically for your LS2/LS3 or Z06 Corvette. The LS2/LS3 tunes include the popular ZL435 and ZL465 PerformancePac packages and now our Ultimate Corvette package, the ZL500. The 2006-2011 Z06 Tunes include SLP's Performance Tune matched to the SLP 4-2-1 Long Tube Headers. Through extensive testing on our in-house dynamometer, our engineers were able to determine the precise levels of spark and fuel required to achieve optimal horsepower and torque at each rpm increment. As an added bonus, the ZL465 and ZL500 PerformancePac tune when loaded, automatically assumes correct calibration for Corvettes equipped with long tube headers and high flow catalytic converters.

In addition to its dyno-proven performance programming, this portable, easy-to-use unit allows you to fine-tune a wide range of computer-controlled power train functions for maximum power and drivability if adding parts beyond the PerformancePac. Each custom program has ignition timing and fuel optimized for each package, allowing you to plug in the tune, download the tune, and hit the street.

NOTE: If your vehicle is not equipped with all parts included in each ZL PerformancePac, do not worry, the tunes will still provide industry leading power gains.

APPLICATION: 2006-2011 Corvette Z06 and 2006-2011 C6 LS2/LS3

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