Kooks Long Tube Exhaust Headers for C7 Corvette Z06

Kooks Long Tube Exhaust Headers for C7 Corvette Z06

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These incredible Kooks long tube exhaust headers for the C7 Corvette Z06 come in your choice of two sizes (1 7/8 inch or 2 inch) and come with all the proper hardware you need to install them. The headers themselves will bolt right up to the Kooks X-pipe also offered on this page to give you a complete exhaust solution except for the axle-back exhaust of your choice. Kooks includes ARP header bolts and Cometic stainless steel gaskets as well as O2 extensions to make installation a breeze. Check out the dyno charts above and you'll see that these headers plus a tune will help you pick up around 40-50 horsepower at the wheels and the same amount of torque - incredible! Not legal for use on California roads.

Pipe Options:

  • Offroad pipes: Straight through, no catalytic converters. Not street legal anywhere.
  • Catted pipes: Should pass emissions (sniff test) but may set check engine light. May be street legal - check local laws.
  • GREEN catted pipes: No check engine light, 49 state legal. A few extra horsepower compared to catted pipes. Should meet any future EPA emissions requirements if states get stricter in coming years.


  • 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 C7 Corvette Z06 Coupe
  • 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 C7 Corvette Z06 Convertible

Installation Difficulty

Installation Difficulty 5


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