C7 Corvette Z06 Reproduction Wheels Set (Black)

C7 Corvette Z06 Reproduction Wheels Set (Black)

Item Code: C7Z06RWSBC6

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Product Description

So you have the stock wheels on your car but you want the look of the new Z06. Well we at PFYC have the answer for you. We offer all the wheel combinations for all the year models 2005-2013 in Z06 reproduction style wheels.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Cast Aluminum construction

  • Meets or exceeds factory specifications

  • Direct bolt on using your factory tires and utilizes the factory wheel sensors

    All of our wheel packages include the following:

  • (2) Front Wheels

  • (2) Rear Wheels

  • (4) Center Caps

  • (20) Lug Nuts

  • Application

    • 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 C6 Corvette

    Installation Difficulty

    Installation Difficulty 2


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    C6 Corvette Wheel Package
    (2) 18"x8.5" / (2) 19"x10" Wheel Package
    Includes Front and Rear Wheels, Center Caps, 20 Lugs
    Wheel Size       Wheel Location         Offset
    18"x8.5"             Front                             56
    19"x10"              Rear                             79


    C6Z06 Corvette Wheel Package
    (2) 18"x9.5" / (2) 19"x12" Wheel Package
    Includes Front and Rear Wheels, Center Caps, 20 Lugs
    Wheel Size       Wheel Location         Offset
    18"x9.5"              Front                            40
    19"x12"               Rear                           59


    C6ZR1 Size Corvette Wheel Package
    (2) 19"x10" / (2) 20"x12" Wheel Package
    Includes Front and Rear Wheels, Center Caps, 20 Lugs
    Wheel Size       Wheel Location         Offset
    19"x10"              Front                            40
    20"x12"               Rear                           59

    Complete Warranty Information Below

    Structural Warranty - Lifetime
    For the life of the wheel, FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC will replace or repair any wheel found defective in either materials or workmanship. This warranty applies to the original retail purchaser only. This warranty is limited to normal and intended road use only.

    Out of Round Condition – 10 Days
    FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC will repair or replace any wheel that, upon inspection by FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC or its authorized agent, is found to be out of round for a period of ten (10) days from date of original retail purchase. Out of round conditions caused by improper installation, accidents, wheel impact, racing or off-road use are specifically excluded.

    Finish – Painted or Chrome 2 Years, Polished 60 Days
    FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC warrants to the original retail purchaser the finish will be free from defects, blemishes and discoloration. Should the finish on a wheel, upon inspection by FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC be determined to be defective, FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC will repair or replace the wheel, at its sole discretion. This warranty excludes finish defects caused by accidents, wheel impact, racing or off road use, neglect, corrosion, inclement weather, chemicals and the use of caustic, acid or abrasive cleaners.

    1. The wheel(s) have been damaged in transit.
    2. Have been used for other than the intended purpose of normal on road use i.e. racing, competition or off road.
    3. Repairs or alterations performed by other than FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC.
    4. Misuse, negligence, accident or wheel impact.
    5. Improper installation or the use of incorrect wheel accessories such as wheel adaptors, spacers and non-approved lug nuts.
    6. Damage due to improper tire mounting procedures or the use of clip-on style wheel weights.
    7. Finish defects caused by negligence, corrosion, inclement weather (road salts etc.), chemicals or the improper use of caustic, acidic and abrasive cleaners.
    8. Tires installed which are larger or smaller than the recommended size for the wheel rim width.
    9. The original retail invoice or sales receipt is not available for verification or upon transfer of title of the product by the original retail purchaser.

    FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC sole and exclusive obligation under this warranty shall be to repair or replace at our sole discretion, without charge, any product which, after examination by our company shows that said product has failed in normal use and service due to defects in material and or workmanship.

    FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by delays, failure, or any consequential damage arising from any cause whatsoever, nor for labor, transportation, or any other charges incurred in the replacement of a defective product. Product must be returned freight pre-paid to Factory Reproductions Inc. at the address listed below.

    This is a limited warranty. No warranties or representations, expressed or implied, including implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose which extends beyond the descriptions and limitations of the face hereof and none shall be implied by law. FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC neither assumes nor authorizes any dealer, representative, or other person to assume any obligation in connection with FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC products uses or applications. FACTORY REPRODUCTIONS INC reserves the right to make changes or improvements in design, materials or specifications or product changes without incurring any obligation to replace, change or improve products manufactured prior hereto.

    This warranty does not limit rights, which may be available under individual State Warranty Laws.