Ultimate Vibration Isolated Short Shifter for 2010-2015 Camaro V6 V8

Ultimate Vibration Isolated Short Shifter for 2010-2015 Camaro V6 V8

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This ultimate shifter design addresses each and every problem of the original shifter in your 5th generation Camaro. The enhanced precision, direct feel, and super-smooth action of this shifter is unmatched in the industry. The internally vibration-isolated design and precision pivot bearings make for a quiet and smooth shifting experience. This is not a cheap, made-in-China shifter; it's 100% designed and made in the USA and is engineered with better materials, shorter throw, and a better overall feel. Get rid of that stock numb, rubbery factory shifter and replace it with the Ultimate Shifter and confidently go through the gears with precision.

The throw is reduced by approximately 25% which provides a significant improvement in feel. Shifter gates are easier to find and smoother to engage. The stock OEM shifter is made using a 4-piece shaft that is bushed with rubber, a pressed-on ball joint, and a welded-on pivot ball that holds a shaft bearing attached to rubber linkage bushings. This new Ultimate Shifter is made of high quality stainless steel with a 1-piece ball machined directly into the lower stick, and a roller bearing at the base shift rod link. The kit also replaces the stock rubber bushings with durable delrin composite bushings, increasing the overall strength and life of the shifter assembly. The Ultimate Shifter requires little to no extra effort when shifting, and instills confidence with its solid structural feel.

Please note that this is not an entire shifter housing replacement. The kit includes all of the lever and pivot parts to convert the shifter assembly and its internal hardware with the highest quality components, while retaining the perfect fit of the factory housing. Installation of the shifter requires the transmission to be lowered slightly to remove and install the shifter assembly. The new shifter is designed to use the stock shift knob or any Camaro-compatible aftermarket knob. Public test car owners have commented, "If you're going to make just one modification to your Camaro, it should be the Ultimate Shifter!"

Quick Feature List:

  • Shortens throw by 25%
  • 100% made in USA
  • Quiet, smooth, confident shifting
  • Better feel than stock
  • No increased effort from stock
  • Delrin bushings replace stock rubber
  • Works with factory or aftermarket shift knobs
  • Requires slight lowering of transmission to install
  • Includes all hardware and detailed instructions for installation


  • 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Camaro with manual transmission

Installation Difficulty

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