Fast Toys V6 or LS1 RAM Air System for F-Body

Fast Toys V6 or LS1 RAM Air System for F-Body

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The RAM AIR system that is so good, everyone else has "tried" to copy it! The Fast Toys RAM AIR system (FTRA) is designed to force cold, high pressure air into your engine to build more horsepower.

The system brings in cold fresh air which contains more oxygen than the warmer air the car normally breathes. In addition, this system will achieve a mild pressurizing of the sealed air box at higher speeds and improve volumetric engine efficiency for more power! Your car will also benefit from improved throttle response on the roll, better highway passing power and increased top end pulling power. Illustrated below:

Many customers have also been experiencing 5-10 % better fuel economy from the increased efficiency of their motors. Typical 1/4 mile improvements are 2 tenths and 1.5-2.0 MPH. This is over the free air mod and factory installed RAM AIR systems! The system has been independently tested and has shown 15-20 HP increases under 100 MPH. Power will continue to increase as you go faster!

This system is constructed of T304 stainless steel and features rigid welded construction for long life. The RAM AIR kit can be installed on the SS and Firehawk models but will require you seal the front of the air box for the best performance. Recently updated for 2002, the new RAM AIR plate design provides higher air flow velocity and more uniform air flow.

Don't settle for poor imitations that do not offer the same quality or performance. Some imitations are made of plastic that can easily break. Get the original Fast Toys RAM AIR system!

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