Power Slot Brake Rotors 2005-10 Mustang 126.61086 126.61087 126.61085

Power Slot Brake Rotors 2005-10 Mustang 126.61086 126.61087 126.61085

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Cross-drilling used to be the gospel to racers back in the 70's but those racers had the budget and the know how to change drilled rotors after every time out on the track to avoid stress crack risks. This just isn't practical for commercial or normal street use.

One of the biggest misconceptions with drilled rotors is the Porsche OE rotor. "If Porsche can have a drilled rotor why can't I?" Actually factory Porsche rotors are not drilled at all, they have their holes cast into the structure of the rotor at the casting stage. The holes then become part of the molecular structure and not an after thought when the rotor is finished. Slotting is the process of milling tracks in the face of the rotor but not breaking through the iron and weakening its molecular makeup.

Here at PFYC, we're very selective in what we offer and when it comes to brakes we're even pickier. Power Slot's in-house manufacturing, plus the highest quality blanks assure precise quality control. The exclusive Power Slot tapered slot design has clearly replaced crack prone cross drilled rotors as the performance rotor upgrade of choice among automotive enthusiasts.

Sold and priced in sets of two, leave the quantity at 1 and select your options below. All rotor options front and rear are slotted and feature a nickel over cadmium plating process that resists rust and corrosion and also provide an aggressive look to enhance the appearance of your wheels.


  • 2005-2010 Ford Mustang (all models)

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