ACCEL Kool Blue Drop-In Replacement Air Filters

ACCEL Kool Blue Drop-In Replacement Air Filters

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ACCEL's all-new line of Kool Blue Air Filters are engineered to produce extremely high flow rates, maximum filtration and long filter life. The Kool Blue Filter is the only filter that has been proven to protect your engine against particles as small as 2.8 microns. They are washable and re-usable to maintain efficiency even when used.

ACCEL Kool Blue Air Filters have been rigorously tested on a dyno and a flow bench, and have proven to be superior to the competitors in both filtration and flow. Independent tests confirm these results, that ACCEL Kool Blue Air Filters clearly out-perform the competition.

Even when new, paper and foam filters do not achieve the same results, their performance deteriorates quickly even when slightly dirty. If used and maintained correctly, ACCEL Kool Blue Air Filters will provide maximum air flow and increased horsepower for over 1 million miles.

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