Custom Rear Deck Cover Protection

Custom Rear Deck Cover Protection

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Product Description

Our rear deck covers protect and beautify the rear deck of your vehicle. Your rear deck receives more exposure to the elements of weather (sun, UV, heat, cold, and moisture) than any other part of the interior.

Zig Zag Stitching The manufacturing process uses the zig zag stitch, which acts as a hinge, allowing the material to follow the contours of your rear deck. Others use a blind stitch, causing the material to curl into the seam, lifting off the deck and collecting dirt and dust. The zig zag stitch makes for the most custom fit possible. The finished deck cover appears more like a 3D product that fits your rear deck like a glove, rather than a bunch of panels sewn together.

Materials Available

  • Suede: This material is coated with a patented finish to give it a fine sheen and a smooth, luxurious finish. The coating allows easy cleaning and an everlasting finish. These are the finest covers available anywhere at any price.
  • PolyCarpet: A super dense polyester needle punch non-woven carpeting of 14 oz. per yard with 4 oz. of latex backing using solution-dyed long life automotive dyes. This results in an extremely robust construction. Polycarpet is treated with fire retardant materials to comply with federal motor vehicle safety standards and are available in a large array of colors.
  • Velour: A luxurious polyester material with a smooth velour finish. It is laminated with 3/16 inch high density foam to retain shape. Velour covers are available in 12 colors.
  • Fashion Prints: For an extra touch of personality, specialize your cover with our plush designer velour. These are treated with a UV and fire retardant agent for uncompromising safety. Available in 8 fun styles.
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