Universal A-Pillar Gauge Mount Cup for 2 inch Gauges

Universal A-Pillar Gauge Mount Cup for 2 inch Gauges

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This product has been discontinued and is not available to order.


Product Description


Mount any 2 1/16 gauge to virtually any A-pillar using this innovative, high quality universal yet custom mount. Most newer cars are difficult, if impossible, to make a custom full replacement A-pillar gauge pod for. If that describes your car, this is the solution you've been looking for! If your A-pillar has a flat area the size of a US quarter or larger, you can easily flush mount this on your pillar. Installation is as difficult as drilling two 1/4 inch holes, one for a mounting bolt and one for the gauge wiring (if you are using mechanical gauges, you may need a larger hole). This sleek solution hides the wires and has hidden hardware and a flush mount for a truly custom look while still being a universal product.


  • Available in gray (black is no longer available)
  • Nut covers hide and secure hardware from loosening
  • Molded-in metal thread inserts for all screws and bolts
  • Set screw securely retains the gauge inside the cup
  • Injection molded out of ABS plastic
  • Extremely strong 1/8 inch thick walls
  • Adjustable toward the driver's view (up to 45 degrees)
  • Comes with three interchangeable mounts - choose the one that fits best
  • Mount as many as you'd like on your pillar
  • Mount any place you have space
  • Very small mounting footprint

Installation Difficulty

Installation Difficulty 1


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