Curb Alert Front Bumper Protection System

Curb Alert Front Bumper Protection System

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Introducing the cure for the common curb, the Curb Alert. Front end damage when parking is a very real problem for many cars on the road today, especially for vehicles who have installed ground effects or aerodynamic profile improvements on their vehicles.

Curbs are something that are one of those road hazards that do more damage to sports cars than any other hazard on the road. In fact, just a simple trip to the corner store can become a costly errand if you over-estimate your front end clearance when parking: damage repairs could easily run $1000 or more; however, Curb Alert provides you a warning system that gives you three-deep warning tones as you approach too close to a curb.

The Curb Alert is very easy to install and does not put a drain on your battery when the car is not on. Using a patented infrared technology, the front mounted sensor is calibrated to a warning distance of anywhere from 8-28" (you decide with whatever you feel comfortable with).

The warning alarm is hidden in the car and will give you three gentle tones when you are within a specified distance to the curb. The system gives you a short beep every time you start your car to let you know the system is active. The Curb Alert is one of a kind and is a gadget that will save you money in the long run, preventing front end damage to any car that is low enough to be vulnerable to a Curb.

Do not take a chance, get the Curb Alert to prevent curb damage.

We are the only company that gives you specific install packages for your vehicle. We do the installations on the vehicles ourself and then personally modify the Curb Alert so that you do not need to do any splicing or crimping.

It comes prewired and ready to install, We have specific install packages for the Camaro, Corvette C6, Corvette C5, and BMW.

  • Universal Mount (All Makes and Models)
  • Warns with an audible alarm before striking a curb that could damage your front bumper and/or spoiler.
  • Prevents embarrassing parking lot moments and sounds when your bumper or front spoiler hits a curb.
  • Sensor can mount in a discrete manner in the front end of most any vehicle and does not require any drilling.
  • Advanced infra-red triangulation technology and specialized software embedded for reliable operation.
  • Warning distance is adjustable from 8-28 inches. (Bumper to curb)
  • Removable when necessary with out leaving any holes as evidence.
  • Automatic power-up on vehicle ignition; never a battery drain.
  • Alert sound volume can be set to High, Low, or Mute inside vehicle.
  • Installation kit includes installation procedures, all wiring, wire ties, sensor calibration procedures, and user guide.
  • This is not one of those gimmicky products, we have installed it on a Corvette C6 Z06, Nissan GTR, BMW 335i, and a Dodge Challenger. In all instances it works exactly as described (we wanted to test it ourselves before we opened the flood gates ;))

    It is the real deal and will save you money in the long run. Heck it might it even give you enough confidence to let your significant other take the car for spin (my biggest worry letting someone else drive my car is their lack of familiarity with judging the curb distance when parking). Below are some pictures of installations on various vehicles

    Installation Difficulty

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    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    4.80/5 Stars out of 5 Reviews
    It works as advertised.
    Donald Mueller (Fort Myers, Fl. USA) | October 8th, 2017
    It was very easy to install. Every step was simple to carry out and just plug and go.
    Gen6 Camaro Curb Alert system
    BrianL (Eagle Creek, OR US) | September 21st, 2016
    I bought this one the was supposed to be specific to the Gen6 Camaro, but the controller terminals supplied with a fused spade connector wouldn't work with the existing GM wiring. So looks like a generic kit is what it is instead of a custom made for this generation Camaro. Easy fix to cut that off & splice in a larger diameter ring terminal, but this does require some customization that some customers won't want to do. Also, generic instructions are supplied. Why not specific to the Gen6 Camaro if this indeed is not a generic kit to fit all cars? Good product though, works well once calibrated & sensor adjusted for angle. We will see how long the adhesive lasts for the sensor, control box, & speaker.
    Curb Alert 2016 Camaro
    TQ (West Deptford, NJ USA) | March 30th, 2016
    A little tricky fishing the wire from the sensor up through the grill but after that, installation was straight forward. More vehicle specific installation instructions would have helped.
    Installed on 2005 C6
    Roy Brotherhood (Cave Creek, Arizona US) | February 1st, 2016
    Being new to a newer Corvette I needed something to keep me away from curbs. The Curb Alert does the job perfectly and was easy to install. Instead of mounting the speaker under the dash, I attached it to the fuse panel mount behind the floor board. It is totally hidden and easily heard on the low setting. Anyone who has a low riding car needs a Curb Alert to protect the front end.
    Excellent support
    Tim Hodges (Saint Joseph, MO US) | January 26th, 2016
    I received the Curb Alert as a Christmas gift. I installed it myself in a couple of hours following the YouTube video. No problems on installation. I did have a small problem where the speaker switch got switched off by accident. The company contacted me immediately and helped me find and fix the issue easily. Suggestion: position the speaker so the passenger can't accidentally hit the switch with their feet, or put a piece of electrical tape over the switch! Really a great product and fantastic support.
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