Pulley Boys Supercharger Pulley

Pulley Boys Supercharger Pulley

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The Pulley Boys Supercharger Pulley is the highest quality, best engineered aftermarket pulley available. Add more boost and horsepower with the single most popular upgrade for your GTP. The 3.4 pulley will add approximately 25-30 HP to your engine.

Exceeds factory quality and installs in less than an hour. Coated black, this pulley looks very much like a stock pulley.

NOTE: To realize the full potential of the pulley and to get maximum throttle response PFYC recommends a cold-air intake and a cat-back exhaust with U-bend removal.

These pulleys will only fit on factory nose drives and are finished in black zinc chromate coated steel. Please make certain you read the Q & A section below before choosing your pulley.

Also fits 2004-2007 Grand Prix, 2004-2005 Monte Carlo SS and 2004-2005 Impala SS.

NOTE: Care must be taken when replacing your pulley. Use the right tools and if necessary, get help from a friend or professional.

Q: Will the 3.25 or 3.00 pulley give me more horsepower?
A: Not necessarily. When using any pulley smaller than 3.4, a lot of additional heat is generated by the additional boost. This additional heat may cause detonation which in turn will cause knock retard, robbing you of horsepower. If you are not doing something to prevent the detonation caused by a higher temperature intake charge, we recommend you stick with the 3.4 pulley.

Q: What if I want the option of swapping pulley sizes but don't want the hassle of installing a Magnuson Nose Drive?
A: The Pulley Boys Qwikchange Pulley System is your answer. Installation of the hub is done just once and afterwards swapping pulleys is an easy 3 minute procedure. Even if you don't have an interest in swapping pulley sizes now, you may in the future and we recommend you take a close look at the Pulley Boys Qwikchange Pulley System. A link can be found in the Related Products section.

Q: Do I need to include a puller to install and remove a pulley? Can't I just use my regular pulley removers to save some cash?
A: You could try, but you'd probably end up ruining your stock pulley and possibly damaging the entire nose drive, and then you'd have to buy the Magnuson Nose Drive to replace it. It's safer to use our tool. We cannot guarantee that your factory pulley will remain intact but we can ensure that your supercharger bearings will not take a beating if you use the tool properly.

Installation Difficulty

Installation Difficulty 3 View Installation Instructions


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John haines (Cedar Rapids ,Iowa United States) | September 9th, 2020
Clear and precise
Instant HP Gains Great Buy
Brandon W (PA US) | April 9th, 2014
Horsepower gains were instant and immense. Great combination with my cold air intake, which screams even louder now, which is awesome. This is a great bang for your buck! However for the installation.. let me stress that without the proper tool, this is a SOB to remove! It took 2.5 hours to remove the stock pulley and may i add 2 hours of it were spent just trying out failing theories on how to remove it. However after finally figuring out a decent way to remove it and install the new one, it took about half an hour. We ended up using a pulley puller that belonged to the guys grandfather, and drilled 2 holes into the stock pulley to link the puller and the pulley together and within minutes it was off... Save the hassle get the pulley puller!
instant power no question about it easiest way to increase horsepower I've ever seen
KEVIN C (MESA, Arizona US) | October 5th, 2013
so was the easiest and most inexpensive way to increase horsepower I have ever ran across the tool work fantasticI pulled the pully off and install the new one within 15 minutes!
Works as advertised - but you need special tools!
Stephen A (Aurora, CO US) | September 14th, 2009
I installed the 3.2" pulley on my '98 GTP. The installation was pretty difficult - don't kid yourself into thinking you can do this with anything short of the pulley tool or a hydraulic press (I used the latter). Even WITH these tools, don't be surprised if you damage your existing pulley. The HP gain is immediately noticeable. But, I didn't do this for the HP gain; I did this to remove the awful chatter coming from my supercharger snout. I rebuilt the snout with new bearings, a new coupler and new oil - it's now silent (it used to sound like rocks were rattling around in there). When taking the snout apart, I tried to remove the pulley with a bearing puller. This was a mistake - the edges of the pulley were dented during the process. I then took it to a machine shop and had it pressed off. Alas - I needed a new pulley. So, I hopped onto PFYC and bought the 3.2 - what an amazing difference. As I said, I did this to fix the horrible sounding supercharger. But, it's like I have a new car now! I have 112k miles on my GTP and I wish I would have done this sooner. I have not needed any additional mods to accommodate the HP gain. That might be because I live in Denver and am only recovering (more or less) the HP I lose as a result of the altitude. I still run the low-test gas (87 octane here) and have no noticeable problems at all.
3.0 inch pulley
Chris B (Laramie, WY US) | October 20th, 2007
Awesome upgrade!! For 2004+ first you need to move the battery, fuse box, and antifreeze overflow reservoir. Take out breather from shaft on SC, then put a 8mm machine screw with alan head in the shaft and use 6" claw pulley puller. Put antiseize on SC shaft and install the new pulley. Adds some cheap horsepower. Nice product.
3.4 pulley
DAVID R (LOCKPORT, NY US) | March 30th, 2007
I bought the 3.4 pulley and gator back belt and the computer and it was a great investment. This is a great deal lots of power for a little price. A good way to start your upgrade...
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