SLP PowerFlo Cat-Back Exhaust for Grand Prix

SLP PowerFlo Cat-Back Exhaust for Grand Prix

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Bolt a Power-Flo cat-back exhaust system from SLP on your Grand Prix for up to 10 extra horsepower with a low, muscle car rumble. SLP engineers specifically developed this system to sound great and build power for the V6 3800 (3.8L) V6 standard or supercharged engines. It sounds more aggressive than stock on the street, but with minimized interior cabin resonance. This system features a pair of big 3.5-inch slash-cut stainless polished tips (option A, part number 31040AM), a pair of Dual/Dual stainless tips (option B, part number 31040M), or a newer trapezoidal set of tips (Option C, part number 31015AM) for a muscle car style that will look great on your Grand Prix. The exhaust system is hand-crafted from stainless steel -- 409 is used for the pipes and 304 is used for the mufflers and tips for the best combination of appearance, longevity, and value. The tubing is bent on state-of-the-art CNC bending equipment using mandrel bend tooling to minimize exhaust gas restrictions that come with factory systems,and is covered with SLP's Limited Lifetime Warranty. Emissions-legal in all 50 states.

Power-Flo catalyst-back exhaust system for 1997-2008 Grand Prix features

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Hand-crafted from 304 stainless steel
  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Added horsepower and torque
  • Improvement in 0-60 mph times


  • 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GT/GTP
  • 2004-2008 Pontiac Grand Prix (all V6 models except GXP)

Installation Difficulty

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4.2632/5 Stars out of 19 Reviews
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Fits okay - very loud
Dave (Barktown, NE USA) | May 31st, 2017
The materials are excellent, the mufflers are beautiful high luster stainless while everything else is regular stainless. The fit is just okay, there is a hanger that hits up against the under body and won't let you raise the system to the level of the factory one, so the mufflers sit a little low. The y-pipe could be a little longer because the left side muffler was very hard to hook up and wasn't aligned with the rear fascia right. The tips they send aren't long enough either, they're so recessed you can't even see that they're there. I had to buy a short extension. Onto the reason people buy exhaust... this system is super loud. Like I went around the block to test drive it and I came back and parked it, like nope. Drove my other vehicle. So I added a resonator and it became tolerable. You NEED a resonator. Now it sounds really good at idle, and it's okay cruising with a somewhat annoying resonance at 2-2.5k. However, under load like going up hills and leaving stop lights it's still pretty loud. It's at the level where it would be a really fun exhaust system for a play car, but not a daily driver.
Good Exhaust for Price
Charlie2495 (Cleveland, Ohio USA) | May 19th, 2014
I have had this exhaust for three months now. Makes the V6 sound more aggressive and I do notice a little more power. One thing to note. The engine light went on and computer reset itself a total of three times. The exhaust made fuel ratio run lean. After the third reset the computer adjusted and vehicle has been running great and light remains off.
Throaty powerful sound
Mike (Reston, VA USA) | February 21st, 2012
I have the high flow Cat and Cat back systems. The sound is low and throaty. I can feel a modest power increase throughout the power band. There is a definite resonance at about 2000 RPM that is so loud that it can be nauseating. There must be something that can be done to remove this resonance. It's the only down side to an otherwise perfect aftermarket upgrade.
Great Sounding Exhaust
Jake S (WPAFB, OH US) | November 20th, 2011
I love the new sound and the look of the trapezoid tips, the only thing I didn't like and the reason for giving it 4 stars was that I did have a single exhaust and went to dual so there was no mounting kit for the second muffler, Two brackets and a couple rubber mounters fixed that, but it would have been nice, especially for someone who doesn't have all those resources, otherwise it was a nice fit and bolted on quickly.
grand prix drone
phill (detroit, mi USA) | December 28th, 2010
I have the slp exhaust and had it for 2 years now and the drone is getting really bad. I tried everything including adding a resonator. Trying to find a way to quit the low rpms but other then that sounds good fit ok and nothing has fell off lol.
Save your Money
Ferdinand S (Ventnor City, NJ US) | July 15th, 2010
I recieved the package on Wednesday, I ordered it Friday morning. SLP is roughly 1-1 1/2 hrs away from where I live. The quality of the exhaust system was poorly done with plenty of poorly done welds, 2 hanger points did not meet up. Luckily I went to a SLP authorized shop to have it installed, because we had to make adjustments to the system in order for it to fit properly. And the sound, it sounds like I have an exhaust leak (a hole in the exhaust). They should of designed a resonator for this system, or come up with a better muffler. Go to a local shop, have them custom design a system for you, and use the money you saved from not ordering an SLP system... and get a better sounding exhaust. - This system for my 2000 Grand Prix GTP On my 2000 Cheverlet Impala LS, I had them custom build an exhaust system, and turn the single exhaust into a dual exhaust using Magna Flow, and all for well under the $550 SLP wants for this system... and I love the sound on this car much better. I love my GTP more, so it hurts soo much I wasted my money on an SLP system. The exhaust shop I dealt with also mentioned seeing multiple other issues with SLP and had multiple customers come in asking to exhange their SLP systems for something better.
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