Modern Style Colored Gauge Faces for HHR

Modern Style Colored Gauge Faces for HHR

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Match your interior or exterior color scheme to your gauges! Available in a whole host of colors - select below. These are custom fit and maintain all factory lights and warning functions. They are made from the same fade-resistant material as your factory gauges and are easy to install. They directly replace your stock gauge face. Each kit includes detailed instructions and a handy needle-removal kit. If that's not enough, the manufacturer also offers free phone-in tech support if you are having trouble with installation!

NOTE: Please match up your speedometer (such as 120 MPH) with the selections we have below. You can not install the version that does not match with your factory gauge cluster because it will not work or be calibrated properly. Some models are available in KMH instead of MPH - see below for choices.

Installation Service: If you do not feel comfortable doing the installation yourself, we provide installation for you. The way it works is as follows: below, next to "Install it for me" select "Yes." Then we'll contact you with the address to ship your gauge cluster to. They will receive your cluster, install the faces, and ship the item back to you at the address on your order, and then you simply plug it back in to your car and everything works fine. The turnaround time is less than one week from when we receive your cluster. We recommend using USPS Priority Mail with tracking and/or an insured service such as UPS or Fedex. You should insure it for the cost of a new cluster in case it gets lost or damaged in transit.

Application: 2006-2011 Chevrolet HHR (does not fit SS)

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Installation Difficulty 3


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