Body Color 5 in 1 Cargo Deck Door and Fender Cover for C5 Corvette

Body Color 5 in 1 Cargo Deck Door and Fender Cover for C5 Corvette

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This rear deck cover offers five times the protection by serving five different functions.

Rear Deck Cover: As a rear deck cover, it attaches to the cargo net pins in the trunk area to protect the rear top deck from scratches/nicks/etc. It also protects the rear fascia from nicks caused by belt buckles. When finished, simply flip it into the trunk or over your luggage so it's ready when you reach inside again. If stored or flipped over luggage in the trunk, it will also protect the underside of your rear trunk lid from being nicked or scratched by protruding pieces of luggage.

Trunk Curtain (convertibles): With a sewed-in strip of loop tape, you can connect the loop to the strip of hook tape that you adhere to the cross-member over the trunk area, creating a trunk curtain. The curtain separates the trunk area from the convertible top (in the down position) AND protects the convertible top from luggage stowed in the trunk area. When the top is in the down position, it also wraps all the way under the top to protect the top from luggage stored under the convertible top.

Trunk Mat: It lays flat on the trunk floor to protect your trunk carpeting from dirty shoes, golf bags, etc. and can be wiped clean for an easy clean.

Door Cover: A cleverly sewed cord in the rear deck cover makes it a door cover. Slip the cord over the raised driver door window and align the cutout for the mirror head and it protects your door. The cord is locked inside the window and cannot be removed without cutting the cord and the rear edge is longer than the car door so swinging the door wide will not chip your door edge on a wall or another car.

Fender Cover: The fasteners attach to the hood stand-offs (by the wiper and inside the headlight bucket) in the engine bay. This solves the issue of the standard fender blanket sliding off the Corvette's narrow front fender.

Note: Contact us for customs: 2-tone colors, alternate color stitching, and interior colors.


  • 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 C5 Corvette (all models including Z06)

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