Top Down Tech Window Valet for 1997-2004 C5 Corvette

Top Down Tech Window Valet for 1997-2004 C5 Corvette

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The Window Valet is the easiest mod you can make to your C5 Corvette. Less expensive and easier to install than a good set of mats, the unit fits in the palm of your hand and is packed with features.

These features are individually programmable by the user:

  • Remote control power windows
  • Initiate retained accessory power
  • Passenger power lock assist
  • High speed report
  • Panic! Mode

Remote Control Power Windows

WARNING: Power moving windows can cause serious injury or even death. Never operate the windows unless in direct view of both windows and both windows are free of obstructions. Never leave keys or key FOB's unattended where power window control could happen inadvertently. Read the disclaimers, and always watch the windows go completely up.

The Corvette's stock remote control key FOB (must be stock) can be used to control the position of the power windows. By simply pressing the remote door lock button three times in succession, (with less than one second between "clicks") the Window Valet is instructed to completely raise both the driver and passenger windows from the extreme lower position.

Conversely, pressing the remote door unlock button three times in a row will cause the windows to lower from any position.

This is an invaluable feature for convertible owners and owners that park in tight garages. The convertible owner can raise the windows after letting the top up without getting back into the car for the keys. The small garage is now less challenging because the driver can exit the car without squeezing past the curved inwards windows.

Retained Accessory Power

The Corvette has a feature called "Retained Accessory Power." This feature allows the radio, power windows, and other accessories to have power even after the key is removed from the ignition. This is a nice feature, but is limited by an opening door. If a door opens, even the passenger door, the power is immediately shut down if the key is not on.

The Window Valet offers three ways to circumvent unwanted power loss. These three ways are individually user-selectable so that they will never impose on you if you choose to disable them.

  • RAP on exit: Power is restored after a door is opened.
  • RAP on triple unlock: Power is initiated when the key FOB unlock button is pressed three times.
  • RAP on demand: When "CM" is invoked and then the number 3 (trip) button is pressed, power is initiated. This is great for a waiting passenger when you need to take the keys for a moment.

Power Lock Assist

The stock C5 can be programmed to unlock the doors when the ignition key is removed. If your passenger is not intimately familar with your Corvette, it is likely that he or she will try to open the door prior to your pulling of the key. With the Window Valet, the power locks can be made to unlock when you set the handbrake, (or for automatic transmissions, when the car is placed in park). This gives you a head start on the passenger and often eliminates a little bit of frustration.

This is very useful when dropping someone off, where it's not often necessary to remove the key, and very easy to forget to unlock the doors manually.

High Speed Report

Under normal driving conditions (ie. do NOT speed on public highways, and always drive carefully), the highest speed that the car reports will be stored. Invoking "CM", and then pressing the 2 button (gauges) will cause the speedometer needle to move to the previously recorded high speed. To exit this mode, simply press reset and the recorded high speed will be maintained until a new higher speed is detected. To zero out the high speed, press 1 (fuel).

The recorded speeds are not scientific and not guaranteed accurate. They will not hold up in any court of law, as they are very easily tamperable.

This feature might be useful for checking up on someone who claimed that they took it easy when they borrowed your car, but only if you reset the speed first, and they don't afterwards.

Panic! Mode

Invoke "CM", then press 1 (fuel). The speedometer needle will immediately go to 40mph and stay there until reset is pressed.

This is a useless feature.

It is for entertainment purposes only.

Really, O-----r, I have no idea how fast I was going. My speedometer needle is stuck.

-Joe Speedo

Installation Difficulty

Installation Difficulty 1 View Installation Instructions


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Clever gizmo
Harley J (Scappoose, OR US) | March 27th, 2007
Performs as promised... no fizzling sounds. Wished I'd had it just the night before since some mediocre driver nearly blocked my door shut in the parking lot. An open window would have made getting into my car much easier. Otherwise, I look forward to not having to climb back into the car to put the windows up, and I already enjoy the door locks opening when the car goes into park (or e-brake); that constant bother for passengers, (and me when popping a door to double-check parking) are done. Only complaint, if I need the port, I have to pull it. But finding the port with a quick feel around was easy enough, and it has the alignment bump for reference. Easy. Instructions also a bother, as one of the few products around that I had to read the whole thing, and get the pin# off them as well. Worked as described though.
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