MSD Blaster Ignition Coils 8224

MSD Blaster Ignition Coils 8224

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When it comes to late model performance parts, nothing beats bolt-on and direct connection components. Especially when they improve performance with a hotter spark like these new MSD Blaster Coils. These new bolt-in coils are designed with improved materials and windings to produce a stronger spark. This improved spark helps burn the fuel mixture more efficiently resulting in a smooth idle and improved mid range rpm power.

MSD is pleased to offer these performance coils for your late model GM vehicle. They look great in MSD red and will connect to the factory wiring.


  • Primary Resistance: 0.35 ohms
  • Secondary Resistance: 7.8K ohms
  • Maximum Voltage: 40,000 volts
  • Inductance: 4.2 mH
  • Turns Ratio: 80:1
Note: A quantity of one will get you a complete set of 3 coils. Fits late model GM vehicles from the mid 1980s through the early 2000s using a 2-tower coil pack as shown.

Installation Difficulty

Installation Difficulty 2 View Installation Instructions


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Verified Buyer
Chad John (Benton City) | October 16th, 2021
What can I say it's MSD the best of the best. Just like their customer service, Keith is the man to talk to if in a jam.
Quick Start
donterio m (kilgore, TX US) | May 9th, 2016
Way better than factory that's for sure, faster crank start and idle smooth
07 Grand Prix
Jeremy s (Ashland, Ky USA) | April 12th, 2014
Works great installed with the msd super conductor wires and pulstar pulse plugs great as a combo improved power and throttle response and looks great under the hood👍⚡️
05 Pontiac Grand Prix Base Model
Michael S (Fairfield, CA US) | June 5th, 2010
Installed these ignition coils in just minutes. Noticed immediate improvement in response when hitting the gas. Smooth idling..... well worth the money.
1999 GP GTP, oh baby
Jared R (Grand Forks, ND US) | April 20th, 2010
These coil packs are priced right. go to the dealer and they are only a little bit more expensive, assuming you have replaced the originals with o.e., time and time again. Great spark, matched up to the MSD superconductor wires, with the iridium tipped plugs. Noticeable power over the entire power curve. Awesome
MSD Ignition Power House!
Jesse H (Addison, IL US) | October 1st, 2009
I bought these back in June and I am very happy with how they perform and look. These do produce a much stronger spark then stock coil packs. I installed these along with Race Wires and Bosch IR Fusion +4 plugs. Since the install I have noticed that the car starts much easier (faster) and has a small amount of increased torque in the low end. A definite must if you want more performance from your secondary ignition system.
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