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How to Add Carbon Fiber to Your Corvette (The Right Way)

Carbon fiber components have never been more popular or widespread. Corvette owners know all about the benefits of this type of material, and have made carbon fiber upgrades a priority for many do-it-yourself mod projects.

With so many carbon fiber parts on the market today – you’ll find the best value and variety at PFYC – one thing was bound to happen: carbon fiber overkill. As the old saying goes, “everything is good…in moderation.” The same can be said for Corvette carbon fiber updates. In the rush to implement and install as many carbon fiber parts as possible, it’s easy to go overboard with carbon fiber. Corvette owners must navigate a fine line with carbon fiber parts.

We asked our in-house Corvette carbon fiber specialists here at PFYC for some advice on how to approach carbon fiber updates, the benefits of using this material (especially for exterior updates) and which components are prime candidates for the “perfect” carbon fiber modification.

Advantages of Corvette Carbon Fiber Components

PFYC’s selection of carbon fiber accessories offers a wide variety and outstanding value. Regardless of the complexity and involvement of your next DIY carbon fiber Corvette project, you can find everything you need right here at PFYC.

Why are our carbon fiber components so popular, especially for the Corvette?

  • Reduced body weight. Compared to other typical Corvette body material – steel, fiberglass, ABS plastic, etc. – carbon fiber offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio. Essentially, carbon fiber Corvette parts are just as strong – and sometimes stronger – as their OEM counterparts. But they’re significantly lighter, so your Vette’s performance and acceleration will see a noticeable boost!
  • Durability. Since carbon fiber is tough enough for practically any weather, this material brings lasting value to your Corvette. Whether you’re looking at side skirts or a rear spoiler, going the carbon fiber route simply makes sense in the long run!
  • Personalized style. With tons of colors to pick from, PFYC’s carbon fiber Corvette inventory allows endless combinations of colorful customization. What’s more, many of our most popular carbon fiber accessories arrived unpainted, so you can customize even further! Try that with pre-painted OEM accessories – it’s almost impossible. With carbon fiber Corvette parts, your style options are expanded to include virtually any color you’d like.
  • Improved performance. Some carbon fiber Corvette accessories – take a front splitter, for instance – aren’t all about appearance…they’re also specifically designed to make your Vette run better. Many of our carbon fiber front splitters help create optimal downdraft and promote superior aerodynamics, which can improve everything from faster times at the track to fuel economy!

Striking the Right Balance with Carbon Fiber Corvette Mods – Popular PFYC Parts

For this article, we’ll focus on giving your Vette a cool, sleek, understated style – noticeable enough to turn heads on the road (or in the showroom), yet subtle enough to keep from going over the top. We’ve identified four of our most popular carbon fiber Corvette accessories – they’re definitely worth consideration for your next modification!

C7 Corvette Side Skirts

If you’re looking for a sleek & precise Vette exterior modification, these C7 side skirts are a great place to start. Side skirts have always been a preferred Corvette upgrade, and now they’re available with carbon fiber durability. With a high-gloss finish, they’ll complement any Vette. Plus, this popular carbon fiber accessory comes with an added benefit: they’ll keep pebbles, road debris and other items out of your tires.

Carbon Fiber Side Skirts for C7 Corvette

C7 Corvette Hood Scoop

Part of any Corvette’s appeal is its striking, aggressive appearance. Since the hood is the largest single-piece Vette accessory, it makes sense to include this part as a primary modification focal point. And this carbon fiber C7 hood scoop certainly delivers, in terms of form & function. Made by Anderson Composites, a leader in carbon fiber technology, this hood scoop boasts easy installation and sleek, racing-inspired lines.

Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop for C7 Corvette Stingray

C7 Z06 Rear Spoiler

The Z06 is already packed with premium exterior accessories, but there’s always room for a new carbon fiber component. That’s the thinking behind our C7 Z06 rear spoiler. This accessory features ultra-easy installation, lasting value and the top-notch quality you’ve come to expect from Anderson Composites. And don’t forget the enhanced performance characteristics – this rear spoiler is designed to promote exceptional aerodynamics. For an instant upgrade in your Vette’s profile and performance, get this spoiler in your shopping cart today!

Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler for C7 Z06 Corvette

C7 Z06 Front Splitter

Sleek, slim and super-cool – try this Anderson Composites front splitter on for size! There’s nothing like a carbon fiber accessory that produces a great first impression – and the first thing many people notice about a Corvette is the front end. This top-quality carbon fiber front splitter for the C7 Z06 Corvette is the ideal blend of improved performance and optimal appearance. And with a slender, streamlined profile, it’s a prime example of when less is more!

Carbon Fiber Front Splitter for C7 Corvette Z06

Need Carbon Fiber Components for your Corvette? Browse PFYC Today!

At the end of the day, there really is no “wrong” way to give your Corvette a carbon fiber makeover. Whether you opt for a major carbon fiber Corvette overhaul project (multiple components, both inside and outside the engine) or a small, specialized modification, PFYC has the selection, customer service and super-low prices you need!

If you need any help selection a carbon fiber accessory for your Corvette, give the PFYC garage a call today at 866-695-7392. Our Corvette component consultants will answer any questions you have – and we’re excited to be your next partner for your DIY Corvette upgrade. Thanks for visiting the PFYC blog. Stop back for more information about up-and-coming parts, installation tips & tricks and much more!

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