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How To Detail Your Car’s Exterior


Just like detailing the interior, remember to use the top-to-bottom technique, with one exception: you can detail your tires and wheels first, then proceed to the top of your car. Just pick a convenient spot to divide your car into an upper portion and lower portion. The door handles or lights are a convenient spot, but use one that works for you. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Racing Stripe Kit

Choosing the Right Racing Stripe Kit – Dodge Challenger Decals, Rally Stripes & More

Choosing the Right Racing Stripe Kit

Here’s a scenario many Dodge Challenger owners find themselves in: they’ve done all the standard modifications – the interior upgrades, exterior accessories, even made some serious engine enhancements. They’ve even put a top-flight performance exhaust system on their Challenger, simply because “enough” horsepower is never quite enough. Continue reading

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