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Which is the Best Camaro Front Splitter?

best front splitter

With a 3.6 liter LGX V6 engine, the 6th generation Chevy Camaro doesn’t have trouble getting up and down the open road. And that’s one of the more tame Camaro engines. Heck, the Camaro ZL1 features a 10-speed transmission with a 6.2 liter LT4 V8 engine. Regardless of your Camaro’s power output – even if it’s older than a 6th generation model – acceleration and speed aren’t an issue. The Camaro’s impressive design and performance made it Motor Trend Magazine’s Car of the Year in 2016.

Yet even the most accomplished car on the road – and we happen to think the Camaro is one of the baddest cars around – isn’t perfect. One area where Camaro owners constantly look for improvement is with overall handling, especially at higher speeds.

Maintaining stability at high speeds with the Camaro can be an issue, if your Camaro’s downforce isn’t evenly distributed between the front and rear of the car.

PFYC is one of the most reputable and reliable Camaro parts suppliers in the country, and our Camaro front splitters rank as one of our most popular categories of muscle car components.

Why should you consider an aftermarket front splitter for your Chevy Camaro? What are some of the benefits you’ll get with a premium front splitter upgrade? And which Camaro front splitters rank as some of our most popular, as determined by our customers? Keep reading to find out more!

Downforce Distribution – The Advantages of a Front Splitter

Take your Camaro out for a quick spin, and you’ll notice something – slight uplift with the front end. Because the Camaro has a relatively low profile and considerable power (the ZL1 produces up to 650 horses), air pressure tends to build up underneath the front of the Camaro.

A front splitter is specifically designed to help displace this pressure buildup by funneling air toward the back end of the Camaro, thus creating a more efficient, even-steven, equal air pressure force.

An effective front splitter essentially “splits” (hence the name) incoming air toward the hood and around the bumper, which aids in overall driving stability. If your Camaro ever goes a little wobbly up around 70 MPH, chances are you could use a more efficient front splitter.

Popular Camaro Front Splitters from PFYC

Let’s take a look at some of our most acclaimed 2017 Camaro front splitters. Remember, we also sell outstanding front splitters for the 2016 Camaro and the 2010 – 2015 Camaro. But for this blog, we’ll focus on the latest (and some would say greatest) Camaro front splitters.

  • ACS T6 Splitter for Generation 6 Camaro SS

With an installation time at around 15 minutes, there’s simply no better way to give your Camaro a lasting performance upgrade with such little time investment. Actual money investment isn’t that bad, either, as PFYC always keeps our Camaro performance parts as affordable as possible. This ACS front splitter has optional winglets for additional style and better handling. Plus, it directs much-needed air to the Camaro’s transmission cooler – who said functional couldn’t be fun? 

ACS T6 Splitter for 2016 2017 Gen6 Camaro SS

  • ACS T7 Splitter for Generation 6 Camaro V6 and I4

Aggressive, aggressiver, aggressivest. OK, we just made up two words, but it’s tough to come up with the right phrasing for this one-of-a-kind Camaro front splitter. From renowned Camaro component manufacturer ACS Composite, this super-stylish front splitter adds an immediate improvement to ride handling and stability, thanks to advanced aerodynamics. Plus, no worries about scraping this splitter on driveway drops and small curbs, thanks to a raised central region with enhanced ramp angle.

  • Street Scene Splitter for 2016 2017 Gen6 Camaro SS

There’s no law that says affordable can’t be flashy. Take this Street Scene Camaro front splitter, for instance. Made from durable polyurethane, this splitter is definitely equipped for the long haul. It’s the perfect blend of smart aerodynamics, rugged & road-ready strength and insanely simple installation. If you’ve been looking to improve your Camaro’s handling without breaking the bank, this one is worth a second look!

Street Scene Splitter for 2016 2017 Gen6 Camaro SS

PFYC: Your Headquarters for Camaro Exterior Accessories

Eliminate that extra shimmy. Say goodbye to annoying uplift. And stabilize your Camaro’s ride at any speed with a new front splitter from PFYC. Our premium assortment of high-end Chevy Camaro front splitters will help ensure a superior ride. PFYC’s front splitters are only one part of our Camaro exterior parts store, which we’re constantly expanding and improving to meet evolving customer demand. You demand the very best out of your Camaro – which means you should get your parts from a supplier that demands the very best from its suppliers. With some of the best parts manufacturers in the United States, PFYC helps you with small DIY projects, major overhauls and every Camaro project in between!

With our product warranty program, rebates & special offers and other benefits, PFYC is the only Camaro parts store you need! For questions about your Camaro front splitter, or for any other information, give our performance car part experts a call today at 866-695-7392.

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