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challenger exhaust systems

How to Choose the Right Challenger Exhaust

challenger exhaust systems

The latest Dodge Challenger offers up to 707 HP. At a bare minimum, you get more than 300 horses – even at the bare-bones, no-extras level.

That’s a lot of HP. But is it enough?

Dodge Challenger owners always love a little bit extra, whether it’s flashy new side skirts, racing wheels and – of course – additional HP.

Yet aside from a supercharger or turbocharger retrofit, finding those extra HP can be a tough task to accomplish, especially when you consider how much horsepower you get from a stock Dodge Challenger.

But a smart solution is within reach – not under you hood, but under your Challenger. For outstanding performance, few modifications can match a performance exhaust upgrade.

With so many high-performance attributes on the table, it’s difficult to settle for a stock Challenger exhaust. With the right exhaust, you can optimize your Dodge for optimal performance and HP – plus, everyone love the sound of a Dodge Challenger exhaust upgrade.

PFYC is one of the leading Dodge Challenger exhaust parts suppliers, and we’re a go-to source for repair shops, mechanics, dealerships, and individual Challenger owners like you! With our assortment of Dodge Challenger exhaust upgrade components, you have everything you need for the perfect exhaust system!

But with so many high-end, top performing Dodge Challenger exhaust upgrade parts to choose from, finding one that’s right for you can be, well…Challenging! With that in mind, we put together this article to highlight a few of our most popular Dodge Challenge exhaust upgrade systems.

Let’s review some aspects that can improve your Dodge Challenger exhaust system, along with our customers’ favorite cat-back, axle-back and other exhaust configurations.

Dodge Challenger Performance Exhaust Systems: Big Benefits & Great Bang for Your Buck

PFYC’s Dodge Challenger exhaust systems are one of the most effective ways – and certainly the fastest – to enjoy an instant performance upgrade.

Consider all the advantages of a performance exhaust:

  • Superior sound. A stock Challenger makes quite an impression on the eyes – and ears! The full-throttle roar of a Dodge Challenger exhaust is unmistakable. But many aftermarket exhaust systems are specifically designed for enhanced acoustics. At the track, your sound is nearly as important as your speed!
  • More horses. As we already discussed, a performance exhaust system – even on the already-powerful Challenger – can increase HP. What’s the secret to adding extra HP with an aftermarket exhaust? It has to do with the exhaust back pressure. Stock systems tend to have significant back pressure. A performance Dodge Challenger exhaust helps reduce this pressure, this increasing HP. In some cases, a Challenger exhaust can add 20-30 horsepower!
  • Better fuel performance. Let’s face it – even the hot-roddiest of Dodge Challenger hot-rodders hate paying more at the pump. Lucky for you, an aftermarket exhaust is a great way to increase fuel economy. Similar to HP performance, it’s more of an incremental effect – your Challenger won’t suddenly start sipping gas like a Prius – but every little bit helps!

So which Challenger exhaust system is “right” for your car? All of our Dodge Challenger exhaust systems offer excellent performance and value. It just depends what you’re looking for. Here are a few of our favorites.

Flowmaster 817740 Outlaw for 2015-2017 Challenger Hellcat Scat Pack

If your Challenger exhaust comes up short in the sound department, turn up the volume with this popular Flowmaster Hellcat Scat Pack. Our customers rate this exhaust system as one of the loudest on the road, and we can’t disagree. What’s more, you’ll also enjoy a slight boost in power, too!

Flowmaster 817740 Outlaw for 2015-2017 Challenger Hellcat Scat Pack

Borla Exhaust S-Type for 2015-2017 Challenger Hellcat

The 2015-2017 Challenger Hellcat gets a premium exhaust upgrade with this popular Borla configuration. Somewhere between Borla’s ATAK and Touring exhaust systems is this S-Type – and it strikes the perfect balance of sound and performance! This system includes the famous Borla Million-Mile Warranty – Borla guarantees every Dodge Challenger exhaust upgrade kit, and this one includes optimal mandrel bends to ensure powerful flow and premium, pulse-pounding power. Active Exhaust value simulators are also included to avoid tripping the check engine light. Great price, unbeatable performance, typical Borla quality – this S-Type exhaust has it all!

Borla Exhaust S-Type 140647 2015-2017 Challenger Hellcat

Stainless Works Long Tube Headers for 2009-2011 Dodge Challenger V6

Want to make your V6 Challenger perform like a V8? Forget an expensive supercharger upgrade and try these stainless long tube headers instead. Racing-inspired style is only the beginning; this retro exhaust system provides outstanding sound, extra power and easy installation, too! Save money with the ultimate DIY Dodge Challenger exhaust upgrade.

Stainless Works Long Tube Headers for 2009-2011 Dodge Challenger V6

American Racing Headers for Dodge Challenger SRT-8

Combine advanced racing technology, custom configurations, and one of the best brand names in the business, and you have this premium set of Dodge Challenger exhaust headers from American Racing. Top quality 304 stainless steel construction means lasting value and dependable performance, year after year, mile after mile. And this is one of those exhaust mods that’s not really heavy on the “mod.” In fact, no extra modifications are required for installation. With a super-easy install, all necessary hardware, and a name you can count on, don’t pass up these American Racing Dodge Challenger exhaust upgrade parts!

American Racing Headers for 2005-2014 Dodge Chrysler HEMI V8

Corsa Sport Cat Back Exhaust for Challenger SRT8

Corsa Sport is known for their sleek & stylish Dodge Challenger exhaust systems, and this Cat Back configuration might be the gold standard. You’ll enjoy nearly 15% more exhaust flow than most stock Challenger exhausts, along with Corsa’s exclusive Reflective Sound Cancellation NO DRONE Technology, which produces a loud roar from the outside and minimum distractions from inside the Challenger cabin. Legal in all 50 states, this exhaust system is also one of the easiest Dodge Challenger performance exhaust systems to install; just bolt on to the factory components and you’re good to go!

Corsa Sport Cat Back Exhaust for Challenger SRT8 14138

MagnaFlow Exhaust 16885 for Dodge Challenger SRT8

Ready to put some pep into your SRT-8? Check out this MagnaFlow Dodge Challenger exhaust upgrade kit. This set provides that deep tone that defines all MagnaFlow systems, and you’ll also love the easy installation, too. Engineered to limit flow restriction, this system includes barbed hangers and all the necessary hardware you need for a polished, professional grade installation. With dyno-tested performance gains and industry leading quality checks, it’s hard to beat this Dodge Challenger exhaust upgrade system. Includes the manufacturer’s legendary lifetime warranty. Grab one today!

MagnaFlow Exhaust 16885 for Dodge Challenger SRT8

Kooks Long Tube Headers for 2009 -2012 Dodge Challenger 5.7L HEMI

The most trusted name in Dodge Challenger exhaust upgrade components does it again with this high-performance 5.7L HEMI exhaust kit. How does a 35 HP increase sound? With Kooks, this Challenger exhaust sounds just like a racing-inspired exhaust should! It bolts directly on to your factory exhaust mounting components, so getting your Challenger up and running will take less time than you think. This Kooks kit features quality 304 stainless steel construction, along with a lifetime warranty. Take your Challenger to places you never thought possible with this Kooks long tube headers set!

PFYC: Your Headquarters for Dodge Challenger Exhaust Systems, Parts & More

A performance exhaust system can give your Challenger a much-needed performance boost, but don’t forget about the other aspects of your car! PFYC’s always-expanding assortment of top-end Challenger exterior components, under-the-hood accessories and other premium parts offers something for everyone. We offer the best possible quality at the best possible price. There’s simply no other parts store that gives you the value & variety of PFYC!

Best of all, your Challenger parts purchase is backed by our popular 2x warranty program – if you happen to come across a similar part at a better price, just let us know and we’ll give you credit for your next PFYC shopping trip. And with our special offers, rebates and promo codes, you’ll enjoy even more money-saving exclusive deals!

Bottom line: your complete customer satisfaction is our main goal. Dodge Challenger enthusiasts have relied on PFYC for the latest & greatest parts, along with the “oldie but goodie” standbys. From minor modifications to major system overhauls (like your Challenger exhaust), PFYC has what you’re looking for! Give our Dodge Challenger parts consultants a call today at 866-695-7392. We look forward to hearing from you – and thanks for visiting our blog!

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