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How to Chose the Right Grand Prix Hood

How to Choose the Right Grand Prix Hood

Since 1962, the Pontiac Grand Prix set the standard for American sports car performance. The early 60s was the “glory era” of the U.S. automotive industry, and the Grand Prix was one of the best-known cars during this time – and remained so, right up to its final appearance in 2008 as a 7th-generation car.

The Grand Prix inspired generations of automakers with stylish lines, surprising under-the-hood performance and outstanding value. As the car’s design changed over the years, it became a popular car to modify. The 2nd generation Grand Prix introduced a bold new design in 1969 – and the model’s longest-ever hood; many contemporary Smart Cars look shorter than a ’69 Grand Prix hood.

Ever since the 2nd generation Pontiac Grand Prix, the car’s hood has remained a focal point for do-it-yourself upgrade projects. While other areas (rear spoilers, front splitters, wheel enhancements, etc.) have gained worthwhile attention, the hood has been popular for generations!

So which factors should you consider when choosing a new Pontiac Grand Prix hood? And which hoods from PFYC deserve a second look? Before we discuss these points, let’s see what a Grand Prix hood replacement can do for your car!

Why You Should Consider a Grand Prix Hood Replacement

Getting a new Grand Prix hood is one of the most popular mods for any Pontiac, and this type of upgrade has many benefits:

  • Improved air flow. For some turbocharged Grand Prix cars, a blower unit or vent holes can optimize air intake.
  • Better aerodynamics. Many replacement Pontiac Grand Prix hoods are designed for streamlined air flow, which can produce superior downdraft, enhanced handling and even better fuel economy!
  • Style factor. Let’s face it: a new hood in one of the most obvious (and exciting) ways to immediately change your Pontiac’s appearance. Since that fateful 1969 2nd generation model, the hood has also gotten progressively shorter – which is a great thing for DIY Grand Prix mechanics and auto body technicians!

Replacing Your Pontiac Grand Prix Hood? Read this First

PFYC offers a premium selection of Pontiac Grand Prix parts and accessories, for the 6th and 7th generation models. Our assortment of hoods includes flashy replacements, OEM-style designs and everything in between.

Before you purchase a Grand Prix hood at PFYC, consider these following factors:

  • Fit & form – seems pretty obvious, but you want to ensure your hood will actually fit your Grand Prix. The best way to check is to look at the replacement hood’s compatibility. Through 7 generations of design, the Grand Prix underwent (sometimes) drastic modifications. Simply put, a 3rd generation hood won’t fit a 5th generation car.
  • Function – to supplement “fit & form” above, don’t forget about function. From extra features to improved aerodynamics, your Grand Prix replacement hood may offer some performance benefits – so do your homework, and you might get rewarded. The best thing about purchasing your hood from PFYC is that our knowledgeable Pontiac parts experts are here to help if you have any questions about your Grand Prix hood; just give us a call at 866-695-7392.
  • Prep & paint – depending on the type of hood you buy, it may need prepped and painted. Call some local body shops (if you’re unable to do the work yourself) in advance to ensure your Grand Prix hood can be installed correctly, and on time. Plus, you’ll want to find out more about block sanding, test fitting and any other common procedures that go along with a Grand Prix hood replacement project.

Pontiac Grand Prix Hoods from PFYC

Here are a few Pontiac Grand Prix hoods from PFYC that provide excellent value, dependable performance and easier-than-expected installation.

  • SD Grand Prix Ram Air Hood

With front air dam and rear wing options, this Grand Prix hood offers customized design and dependable performance. Made with high-quality materials and designed for an optimum fit, this hood also provides a performance boost – it’s 25% lighter than the stock 7th generation Grand Prix hoods!

SD Grand Prix Ram Air Hood

  • Grand Am SC-T Style Ram Air Hood

With sleek lines and superior air flow characteristics, this SC-T Style Pontiac hood includes dual scoops for a high-octane appearance – and you’ll love the advanced aerodynamics, too! Please note, this hood is delivered unpainted, so make sure you connect with an experienced hood installer to finish the project. Or, save even more money and do it yourself!

Grand Am SC-T Style Ram Air Hood

  • SD Grand Am Ram Air Hood

A favorite among classic Grand Prix fans, this Ram Air Hood helps keep your engine cool under pressure, thanks to a pair of strategically placed head extractors. Throw in some aggressive hood scoops, and you have one of the best retro-styled Pontiac hoods available anywhere!

SD Grand Am Ram Air Hood

  • F1 Style Grand Prix Ram Air Hood

With a low-profile design and aggressive styling, few Pontiac hoods can match this F1 style Ram Air Hood. Give the F1’s relatively short production run, the car has gained traction with Pontiac fans – now is your chance to celebrate this racing heritage with a high-performance hood! And at more than 10 pounds lighter than its OEM counterpart, your Grand Prix will also enjoy better fuel economy and acceleration! With this F1 style hood, you get the best of both worlds – a cool retro appearance and cutting-edge performance.

F.1 Style Grand Prix Ram Air Hood

Thanks for stopping by the PFYC blog! If you need any help with your upcoming Grand Prix hood project, give our Pontiac parts experts a call at 866-695-7392. We’d love to help with your next DIY upgrade – call us today!

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