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Turn Your Stingray Corvette into a Widebody

How to Turn Your Stingray Corvette into a Widebody

Turn Your Stingray Corvette into a Widebody

You love your C7 Corvette. Power, performance, road-ruling profile – everything’s perfect. Except for one (not-so-tiny) detail. It’s not a wide body.

The wide body appearance commands attention in the showroom, out on the open road and every place in between. There’s just something about the wide body look – and your C7 Corvette doesn’t have it. In your eyes, it’s the one “problem” with your car.

If you want a Z06-style wide body Stingray Corvette but don’t actually have one, you have two options on the table:

  1. Sell your C7 immediately (hopefully at a good price), then turn around and use those funds to purchase a Z06 wide body Corvette.
  2. Get a C7 Stingray wide body conversion kit from You’ll save money and also enjoy the satisfaction of completing a popular do-it-yourself project.

Option #1: lose money, spend days or weeks trying to find a buyer, and regret selling your beloved C7.

Option #2: keep the change in your pocket, make the actual body change yourself, keep your C7, show off your “new” car to all your buddies. Maybe even make ‘em jealous.

Hmmm…it’s not difficult to see the superior choice: the Stingray wide body conversion kit.

Weighing the Wide Body Option? Consider these Benefits

The wide body Stingray Corvette isn’t all about its looks, even though that’s a big part of the wide body’s popularity. Here are some key reasons why many Corvette enthusiasts are saying, “So long, skinny!”

  • Wider wheels = better handling. This is the biggest reason why Corvette owners opt for modifications like the Stingray wide body conversion kit. 335-25-20 tires are key for wide body handling and control. With a wide body conversion kit, your C7 Corvette can accommodate this size of tire, which is a considerable increase over typical Corvette tires. This is possible with just a 40mm increase on each side of the C7 Vette – and that’s exactly what our conversion kit supplies!

  • Rear profile extension. In order to handle wider wheels, one “domino effect” of a Stingray wide body conversion kit involves the quarter panels and rockers. With a wide body kit, your Corvette is forced to stretch out horizontally. This creates a road-hugging appearance, not to mention that ultra-aggressive profile that immediately distinguishes a Z06-style wide body Vette.
  • No-nonsense installation. Remaking your Corvette’s body might sound like a multi-day affair, but the ACS Stingray wide body conversion kit installs in around four hours. Start in the morning, and by lunchtime, you’ll have a sleek, super-wide, ready-to-roll Corvette. You’ll spend less time in the garage and more time on the road – and at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?

When you’re ready to say goodbye to slim, check out one of our most popular Stingray wide body conversion kits: the C7 Corvette ACS-GS Stingray Rear Wide Body Conversion. It displays many attributes of a Z06 wide body Corvette, but at a significantly reduced price.

Wide Body Conversion Kit Features

  • Made with GM OEM specs and guidelines. Manufactured by Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS), one of the premier aftermarket Corvette parts suppliers in the U.S., this Stingray wide body conversion kit is made from scratch with GM’s own guidelines for quality, fit and reliability.
  • Hassle-free rocker modifications. Many Stingray wide body conversions involve removing the doors, thus increasing the chance of a warped frame, diminished aerodynamics and compromised safety characteristics. Not so with the ACS wide body kit; the OEM rockers do not have to be removed from your Corvette’s aluminum rails, which avoids many of the problems usually associated with a wide body kit modification.
  • Splash guards and hardware included. ACS and PFYC believe that a modification should include everything you need for a successful installation. This Stingray wide body conversion kit includes the splash guards, all necessary hardware, rear fascia extensions and more. Complete & comprehensive value is included in the price – no hidden costs, no extra parts required!
  • Scooped configuration available. The Z06-style kit includes a special scooped profile, which helps with brake cooling. Safety is a critical factor with any Corvette body modification, and this kit’s optional Functional Scooped Version ensures optimal handling and braking capability.

C7 Corvette ACS-GS Stingray Rear Wide Body Conversion

If narrow was never in your Corvette equation, PFYC can help transform your existing Corvette into a wide body wonder. Our inventory is packed with plenty of exterior accessories for all kinds of Corvettes, so there’s plenty to pick from, whether you’re a wide body Stingray conversion fan or not.

We have a full inventory of premium aftermarket parts (from leading manufacturers like ACS) for the C5, C6 and C7 Corvette. From under the hood to outside your car, we offer everything from interior accessories, suspension & brake parts, wheels, apparel, car covers, performance products, exhaust systems and much more.

For assistance with your Stingray wide body conversion kit project, or if you have any questions about our other performance parts, please call our Corvette component consultants at 866-695-7392. With our Low Price Guarantee, Rewards Program and other benefits, there’s no better source for getting the Corvette parts you want (and need) at the best prices anywhere – online or in-store!

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