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The Ultimate Corvette Cooling Upgrade


The Chevy Corvette Z06 is one of the fastest cars on the road, and racing enthusiasts have pushed the car’s performance limits more than a few times on the track. With a 650 HP V8 engine and relatively light body, it’s easy to see why. In terms of modern-day muscle cars, not many vehicles can stack up to the Z06.

But through all that racing and high-torque and hairpin turns and frantic straightaway sprints, the Z06 has been found to have one not-to-small problem: in a high-performance racing environment, the car has trouble keeping its cool.

That’s the bad news. The good news? PFYC and LG Motorsports have teamed up for the ultimate Corvette cooling upgrade!

Corvette Cooling Problems: A Brief History

Overheating issues have plagued the Z06 at the track for years. Up to 5% of Z06 owners have complained of overheating during races. This data confirms what many Corvette owners have long suspected, but weren’t able to pinpoint. Now, more information is available as to how and why the Corvette Z06 occasionally overheats.

Two different areas of the Z06 displayed overheating characteristics during rigorous road and track tests: the braking system and the intercooler unit. As Corvette’s engineering team explained, these issues could’ve been the result of poor pre-race servicing. Still, any overheating during a typical track run are concerning, for both Chevy and their loyal customer base – and Z06 owners are some of the most speed-obsessed, performance-minded drivers on the planet.

Corvette engineers have already promised updates for all new Z06 models – namely, improved air flow through the hood with additional vents.

So, it looks like the designers and engineers at Chevrolet are serious about implementing a Corvette cooling upgrade. The problem is, this enhancement will only address all future Z06 models.

What about those Z06 Corvettes already on the road – and itching to take on the track? No worries, PFYC just released one of our most anticipated Corvette accessory packages in quite some time: the LG Motorsports Super Cool Z06 Track Package.

The Solution: PFYC’s Latest Z06 Accessory Kit from LG Motorsports

LG Motorsports, one of the leading aftermarket performance car accessory suppliers, recently announced the launch of their Super Cool Z06 Track Package. Designed for racing and the regular road, this accessory kit is the premier retrofit cooling solution for the 2015 – 2016 C7 Corvette Z06 (both coupe and convertible models).

LG Motorsports Super Cool Z06 Track Package THE COOLING SOLUTION

The kit fixes the Z06 overheating problem with a multi-accessory array of coolers, hoses, hardware, external accessories and more. If you frequently run your C7 Corvette Z06 on the racetrack, or drive it for extended periods time on the open road, this package will solve common overheating issues.

Here are just a few benefits you’ll enjoy with the Super Cool Z06 Track Package:

  • Easy installation. LG Motorsports engineers and designers wanted to stress a simple, hassle-free installation. Mission accomplished. All exterior accessories bolt on, and no specialized tools are required.
  • Modular design. Sure, this kit will help provide much-needed relief from overheating at the track. But its smart, thoughtful design easily accommodates future upgrades and enhancements. This cooling kit is made to complement existing and upcoming modifications on your Corvette Z06 – and that saves tons of time down the road!
  • No computer tuning required. Forget those precise electronic calibrations – this cooling kit is good to go the moment it’s installed. No fuss. No worry. And no more excessive heat during extended driving!
  • Comprehensive base package. Twin LG 12 Super Coolers, fully assembled intercooler hoses, all required clamps & hardware, front fascia, exit ducts – everything you need to immediately reduce heat is included with this Corvette cooling upgrade package.
  • Optional performance accessories. From a louvered hood (coming soon) to an LG Super Cool Radiator, you have plenty of possibilities for custom cooling. There’s even an engine oil cooling option, too!
  • Effective cooling process. All aspects of the Z06 associated with overheating – supercharger coolant pumps, engine water, oil, etc. – are addressed by this all-in-one, customizable Corvette cooling upgrade kit.

If you were to purchase all the accessories in the Super Cool Z06 Track Package, you might spend more than twice than what we’re selling it for. We’re confident that this collection of accessories will help cool down your Z06, whether you’re on the last lap or on mile 100 of a road trip.

Keep Your Cool with PFYC’s Premium Parts & Accessories

If your Corvette Z06 experiences constant overheating at the track, PFYC will make sure your car stays cool. With brake system and intercooling issues for Z06 models for 2016 and earlier, we recommend the LG Motorsports Super Cool Z06 Track Package for the ultimate in performance and safety. Plus, our inventory includes all the best Corvette accessories – exterior components, under the hood parts, exhaust systems and much more.

5th gen, 6th gen and the latest Corvette models – PFYC’s comprehensive & complete selection of parts are ideal for any DIY Corvette mechanic!

We’re a trusted parts supplier for dealerships, custom auto body shops and individual Corvette enthusiasts. Our aftermarket Corvette components feature uncompromising quality, proven performance and outstanding value. Don’t forget to check out our promo codes, rebates and special offers to save even more money. We also have a popular 2x product warranty program and Low Price Guarantee, so if you find a lower priced part, we’ll give you store credit toward your next PFYC purchase!

For any questions about our Z06 cooling kit, or if you need help finding a part, give our Chevy Corvette parts experts a call at 866-695-7392. Thanks for reading the PFYC blog!

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