Folding & Insulated Windshield Sunshade for 2005-2013 C6 Corvette

Folding & Insulated Windshield Sunshade for 2005-2013 C6 Corvette

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2005 - 2013 Folding & Insulated C6 Corvette Windshield Sunshade

Trying to keep the warm sun out of your car? Check out this C6 Corvette folding sunshade. Our insulated front windshield sunshade is designed to keep your Corvette interior cool. It is a snap to put in place and quickly folds back down for easy storage. The C6 Corvette Flags logo is featured on the front of this sunshade and is fully licensed by General Motors. Because of its material, you wont have to worry about it ripping or tearing. You will be able to use this Corvette windshield sunshade for years to come.

This C6 Corvette sunshade is an affordable product that adds great protection to the interior of your Corvette. Keeping the sun out may not seem like that big of a deal, but know that prolonged exposure to extreme heat and sun can cause fading and cracking to both your dashboard and your seats. Parking lots are the worst culprit for this kind of exposure. If you think about it, not very many parking lots host a whole lot of shaded or covered spots. It probably isn't such a big deal if you are just running quick errands to the store every once in a while, but parking your Corvette in a parking lot a few hours every day during the hot summer months can leave your vehicle with irreversible interior damage.

This C6 Corvette windshield sunshade also combats another probable you have likely encountered, especially if you have a darker leather interior. If it's hot outside, chances are you're wearing a pair of shorts or a short dress of some sort. Leather gets incredibly hot when exposed to the sun for too long and can make it uncomfortable - if not impossible - to sit on, if your bare skin has to touch it. With a C6 Corvette windshield sunshade blocking the sun from attacking your seats and armrests, you can jump in your car and sit any way you want without the worry of feeling like your skin is searing.

Don't skimp out on this very simple and affordable protection product. The last thing you want to do is walk out to your car one day and notice that your bright and flawless interior is starting to fade and crack. That's not only a bad look for a Corvette but it can also take down the value of your investment drastically. PartsForYourCar has the best-looking insulated C6 Corvette sunshade the market has to offer - order yours today!


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