LED Side Fender Cove + Hood Kit for C7 Corvette

LED Side Fender Cove + Hood Kit for C7 Corvette

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Add Custom 4 Function Control Switch:


Product Description

Make your C7 stand out from the rest by adding the aftermarket LED Side Fender Cove + Hood Kit for C7 Corvette.

The kit includes the following:

*(2) 18" waterproof led strips w/27 LEDs on each side for the fender cove.

*(1) 28" waterproof led strip w/42 LEDs for the hood vent.

*Complete wiring harness.

*Our kit has extra leads on the fender cove wiring so you can wire our rear facia kits to work with the remote instead of coming on with the lights. You can order this optional wiring kit on the rear fascia led kit page.

*Installation hardware. Our 4 function remote has 1 channel with 4 different functions. 8 stage LED dimmer. Select the brightness level you want.

Strobe function. Adjust between 2-7 strobes at the touch of a button

Fade function: Fades from bright to dim in about 4 seconds and back to bright.

Continuous cycle. On/ off button.

Wiring is very simple.Just hook up the control box to Positive 12 volt source and ground. Then hook up the device you want to control to the Positive and negative wires from the remote and your done! Instructions are included.


  • 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 C7 Corvette Base and Z51

Installation Difficulty

Installation Difficulty 3


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