LG Motorsports GT2 Adjustable Coilover Shocks For C6 Corvette

LG Motorsports GT2 Adjustable Coilover Shocks For C6 Corvette

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LG Motorsports has a saying; We Race-You Win! And the result is this great product brought to you by PFYC! LG always had their G2 Bilstein/Hyperco coil-over shock package, but many of our customers wanted an adjustable shock, so LG Motorsports went to work to make a first-class package just the way you would want it for a race car, without welding new mounts in place. This is what they came up with and they did it with no compromises! There are other C6 Corvette coil overs out there, but they are full of compromises. LG did their best to avoid the compromises. G2 Adjustable Coilovers for C6 Corvette have a spherical bearing set up on their shocks in all mounting locations other than the bottom of the rear shock "Fork" mount. We did this because of the precision that the bearing offers. Precise and smooth operation that does not interfere with the shock function. Spherical bearings are the best option for coil-over mounts. Rubber mounts cause a "Trampoline" effect that must be overcome before the shock can actually work. Rubber also changes the spring rate momentarily until fully compressed. In addition, rubber causes side loads in the shock rod and will eventually damage the shaft. Plastic or Delrin eliminates the "rubber/trampoline" effect, but it introduces new friction that interferes with the operation of the shocks. Forces are forces and the friction involved in a Delrin/plastic mounting system introduces "Hysteresis" losses that interfere with your shock operation. One more added benefit that you do not see on other adjustable shocks, is the remote for the rear shock adjuster. There is a slight gap at the upper shock mount in the rear that the cable can fit through so you do not have to drill any holes to get to the adjusters!


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