Eibach Suspension

Eibach makes the finest performance springs in the world. When top street tuners and top race teams, from F1 to WRC, from Le Mans to NASCAR need springs they turn to Eibach. Eibach builds their products to exceed the extreme requirements of racing, from the 245-mph Mulsanne straight of Le Mans. The fender-to-fender combat of the Daytona Motor Speedway. Or sliding sideways through the woods.

Eibach use of the exact same technology in their street springs that they use their legendary race springs. Eibach uses the world's finest Hi-Tensile spring steel, produced to precise tolerances. Eibach uses world-renowned German CNC coilers, as well as many unique machines engineered and built specifically by Eibach. They then use their own high-quality corrosion protection for the legendary longevity of their components. State-of-the-art technology is used in every step of the manufacturing process.

Eibach knows what you want from your vehicle. You want the immediate response, reduced body roll, increased stability and enhanced cornering ability. And you want the look that comes with those characteristics-a lower, more muscular, more athletic stance.

Let PFYC, a long time dealer of Eibach springs help you make your car the road hugging, corner carving, high-performance machine you have always wanted it to be.
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