2X Warranty We double your product warranty. Purchases made from PFYC automatically qualify for double the manufacturer's warranty. This is part of our Low Price Guarantee. More information can be found here.

Products you purchase on the PFYC Sites may be accompanied by a manufacturer's warranty. This is your only warranty with respect to the products. Except as otherwise specifically provided, PFYC does not itself warrant any of the products offered for sale on the PFYC Sites. PFYC is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle arising from any products sold on the PFYC Sites. If you feel a product you have purchased from us is defective, please contact the manufacturer first. If you need help dealing with the manufacturer regarding your warranty issue, please contact us, and we will promptly work to help you with the warranty process with the manufacturer. Products deemed to be defective are replaced under warranty per that manufacturer's warranty. Refunds are not an option unless specified by the manufacturer.

How Products Affect Your New Vehicle Warranty

We are often asked if certain parts we sell will void new vehicle warranties. The answer is yes and no. It is illegal for a dealership to void your warranty simply because you have made modifications to your vehicle. It is the dealership's responsibility to prove that your modification directly caused or affected the failure. With that said, some dealerships are more performance oriented and willing to work with customers. It would be our suggestion to consult with your local dealership regarding their warranty policies.

For more detailed information regarding the laws governing aftermarket products, check out the following links: