Wind Restrictor Logo Wind Screen for C7 Corvette Stingray Convertible

Wind Restrictor Logo Wind Screen for C7 Corvette Stingray Convertible

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The leaders in the convertible wind blocking industry have introduced the brand new convertible wind deflector for the Corvette C7 Stingray! This will fit all C7 Convertibles including the Z51 and Z06 models. Now we offer GM Logos for the wind restrictors!!

This WindRestrictor brand windblocker (also called a wind deflector or windscreen) is ready to roll for your Corvette C7 Stingray convertible. This restrictor blocks over 50% of the wind that enters the cabin from the center rear deck area. This is the annoying wind that makes it almost impossible to hear your music on the highway with the top down. Beyond a better music experience, you can also now have conversations on your phone more easily, talk to your passenger, reduce or eliminate hair tangling, or just listen to the sweet sound of your Stingray's exhaust note.

Beyond the reduced wind this provides, this mod for your Chevrolet Corvette will make your vehicle an electronic light show. There are 8 ambient illuminated colors and over 10 standard images for laser-etched graphics available. You also have the ability to customize your wind blocker by showing off your own unique motto, logo, or photo. The amazing patent pending edge lit technology gives the product almost a fiber optic glow effect. This is the absolute perfect addition to your accessories if you show off your car at shows. With this design there is no need for hard wiring, simply turn on the switch at night and your product will glow for as long as you like without draining your car battery.

Wind Restrictor knows that your Corvette Convertible C7 Stingray deserves the absolute best quality products and they have come up with a great bracket design for this product. Because of their patent pending design, the product can be left in place with the top up or down and will not affect the convertible top movement at all. Manufactured from aircraft quality stainless steel, each bracket is powder coated to perfection. Our mounting system requires no permanent modification to your convertible at all.

Rechargeable twelve volt battery packs for our illuminated model are free (for a limited time)! These 12V power systems are the best on the market and include a built in on/off switch that you can easily reach from the drivers seat. It goes up to a month or more on one recharge! This is only a small part of one of the easiest installed models ever. You can literally have our WindRestrictor brand wind blocker installed and ready to go in a matter of minutes. No drilling or power tools required.

Wind Restrictor believes their products are without equal, and as such offers a lifetime guarantee.

Finally, if you're looking for something else to help set your Corvette apart from the rest on the streets, the high quality illumination system offered as an additional option can do just that. Choose from a fixed color or go with the Extreme Light Kit for a multitude of colors and color changing options. The lighted windscreen also helps make your vehicle safer on the streets by allowing other drivers to more easily see you at night.

How does it work?  /></p>
<p>The Wind Restrictor is designed to significantly reduce back draft. Back draft is created when wind pressure inside your car's cabin is less than the wind pressure outside the car. The cabin acts as a vacuum and gusty wind enters from behind the passengers, creating noise and buffeting. The WR will block this wind from entering the cabin at highway speeds. You can control the amount of wind by adjusting the side windows. The lower you put your side windows, the windier it will be inside your cabin. Put them up completely to reduce wind as much as possible.</p>
<li>Can remain in place and looks great with top up or down</li>
<li>Does not interfere with top movement; no need to remove it, EVER!</li>
<li>Very strong and rigid mounting system</li>
<li>Powdercoated stainless steel bracket system</li>
<li>No drilling or permanent modification required</li>
<li>3D glass design enables full seat travel while installed</li>
<li>Elegant illumination system available with multiple color options</li>
<li>Lifetime warranty</li>
<li>Made in the USA!</li>
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  • Significantly reduces wind turbulence inside your convertible
  • Helps maintain cabin temperature while driving with the top down
  • Allows you to enjoy conversation without raising your voice
  • Gives better sound clarity from your stereo with reduced wind turbulence
  • Personalizes and sets your Corvette apart from the rest
  • Additional rear lighting (optional) for added safety on the road
  • Allows passengers to talk more clearly on cell phones

Some more details you might be interested in:

  • Made from double-sided AR Polycarbonate This very durable acrylic type material is also scratch resistant. Others are made out of much cheaper materials and dangerously breakable plastics. Some are Lexan; the disadvantage is that it scratches easily and won't emit illumination and may also discolor with etching.
  • Professionally and precisely designed and laser cut Others are produced at home using table routers and jigsaws leaving rough edges and defective shapes. Wind Restrictors are professionally produced from the finest materials using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Laser etching available Etched with a high powered laser to really make your roadster unique and stand out. The engraving will also emit light and give off an awesome glowing effect with a light kit installed. Personalize your roadster with a custom logo or any of our standard graphics
  • Perfectly formed to the contours of your Corvette Others won't fit as nicely as this.
  • Attaches to your Corvette without permanent alteration or tacky fixtures No drilling or permanent modification is required.
  • Extremely smooth crystal-clear edges Others are sometimes sharp and ridged; ours are laser cut smoothly to perfection and then flame polished so that the Wind Restrictor looks and feels like "a million bucks" as well as emitting the best quality illumination

We assume you're here because you're looking for something to block the wind in your car. There are a lot of names people might use to find such a device, words like wind screen, wind deflector, wind stop, wind blocker, wind block, etc. Hopefully you found us and like what you see. These are awesome, show-stopping wind blockers that do a lot more than just help you stay un-breezy.


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  • 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 C7 Corvette Z06 Convertible

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4.67/5 Stars out of 6 Reviews
awesome service
shellie slaight (canton, Illinois US) | January 24th, 2018
this was a Christmas gift for my Dad. He is thrilled with it and has installed it already...It looks amazing. I ordered it kind of last minute and did not expect it right away. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived much earlier than expected ! I thought I was going to have to wrap up a picture. ha ha! the whole experience went very well!
Verified Buyer
Multi Color change wind restrictor
Bill & Brenda (Calmar, Alberta Canada) | July 24th, 2017
The end result is a pretty nice effect. The product does not disappoint in its ability to "restrict" the wind that comes into the cabin of the car. With the windows up and the roof down there is a very noticeable difference. The installation directions are not as precise as I needed them to be, so there was measuring and remeasuring required. However well made the product is, it is made of acrylic and has a slight bounce while traveling at and speed. Over all I really like the product and am happy to have it in my car.
Great Results
Henry Schaloum (Seattle, WASHINGTON) | March 24th, 2017
Since I live in the great North West (Seattle) my first opportunity to test the wind screen was yesterday March 23. It performed as promised! Low buffeting and quiet in my new 2017 Corvette.
Personal Graphics
Frank Martin (alexandria, virgina USA) | September 30th, 2016
I really like the wind screen, but I wish the graphics was a little bigger.
Verified Buyer
Wind restrictor
Sue K (Gurnee, Il USA) | July 29th, 2015
Love it! Not only does it help with wind it looks really sharp on the car. The online chat customer representative steered us in the right direction on this purchase!
Verified Buyer
corvette wind Restrictor
William R (Pocomoke City, Maryland USA) | July 24th, 2015
This works very well. I put a little extra and where the Restrictor mounts I put 2 machine screws through the bracket to the car frame to cut down the vibration. Installing the light bar has many options.
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