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muffler delete

Getting Loud With a Muffler Delete

muffler delete

Loud, louder, loudest. If you want to turn up the volume with your Camaro’s exhaust system, there are a few ways to go about this. PFYC’s premium aftermarket exhaust components are the perfect place to start. You’ll save plenty of money, thanks to our affordable prices. And if you upgrade your Camaro exhaust yourself, you’ll also avoid costly labor expenses at the shop. Continue reading

Sinister Camaro

Give Your Camaro a “Sinister” Look

One of the most popular aftermarket Camaro design packages is the “Sinister” look – premium parts and components designed to give the legendary sportscar an aggressive, streetwise appearance. The Camaro is known for its OEM design enhancements, usually rolled out in a limited production run. But these Camaro upgrades are controlled by General Motors, and customization options are few and far between. Continue reading

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