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Category Archives: How To Guide

Waxing and Claying Your Paint

Prepping for wax

Once your car is clean, it’s time to wax…right? Hold on, let’s review two common pre-wax prep techniques.

  • Claying removes any contaminants and debris on the surface.
  • Compounding helps eliminate sub-surface defects.

Which one should you do? Serious car detail enthusiasts do both. If you have an older car with noticeable defects, compounding provides a comprehensive pre-wax clean. If you have a newer automobile and just want to remove minor surface dirt, claying provides a great pre-wax prep. Continue reading


How To Detail Your Car’s Exterior


Just like detailing the interior, remember to use the top-to-bottom technique, with one exception: you can detail your tires and wheels first, then proceed to the top of your car. Just pick a convenient spot to divide your car into an upper portion and lower portion. The door handles or lights are a convenient spot, but use one that works for you. Continue reading

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