Plug and Play Sequential Rear Light Kit for Camaro

Plug and Play Sequential Rear Light Kit for Camaro

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If you're looking to make your Camaro standout but don't want to spend an arm and leg on some of those expensive upgrades. This OEM quality plug and play sequential turn signal kit easily plugs into the brake/tail light bulb socket at the back of your 5th generation Camaro. Two identical modules are included in this kit, one for each side of the vehicle. The sequential delay alters the outer turn signal (brake) light so that your rear lights appear to flash in sequence rather than together as they normally operate. There are plenty of videos to show how this works on internet video sites. This is the best priced kit on the market and the quality is second to none.

Here's how it works: The circuitry in this module produces a slight delay which causes your outer turn signal light filament to come on a bit later than the in-board turn signal light. When the signal blinks, a sequential step between the inboard and the outboard light displays an outward-flowing effect, as opposed to two bulbs lighting at the same time. The delay is long enough to display a sequential effect, but short enough to prevent a diagnostics "burned out bulb" error in the vehicle. Please note that your brake lights will both sequence outward when the brakes are applied.

When braking, the sequence will only occur once. When you are using the turn signals, it will sequence continuously until the signal is canceled either by the driver or after the turn is completed.

Installation is simple: (The following notes are for Camaro)


  • Open the deck lid
  • Remove the access cover using a panel removal tool or thin screwdriver to release the plastic fasteners
  • Pop the fastener head upward and remove the fastener body
  • Inside the pocket, locate the 3-wire connector that plugs into the light bulb assembly. Press the top latch down and pull the connector from the bulb assembly.
  • Repeat procedure on passenger side
  • Test turn signals; you will notice a "sequential" flashing on either side.
  • Once both modules are installed and tested, replace covers and fasteners.


  • 2010 2011 2012 2013 Camaro

Installation Difficulty

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Verified Buyer
Corvette Seg rear lights
Ray (Lansing, Mi) | March 18th, 2022
Easy install, Added blackout tail lights. Sets my Vette apart from others.
Verified Buyer
Rex Taylor (Cleveland Ohio USA) | October 19th, 2020
I bought them for my C5 Corvette cut them up and wired it into my Wiring harness
Loved them until 1 side stopped working
Lawana Copeland (Anaheim,ca) | March 25th, 2019
Really like the looks but 1 side stopped working within months. No place wants to sell just 1 side ??????
Sequential light kit for C6
OrestK (Morris Plains, NJ USA) | January 15th, 2017
Very easy to install. Really cool lighting affect. Would recommend to anyone who wants to make his vette different and stand out.
nice look!
Glady (Graham, NC US) | November 2nd, 2015
First it was very easy to install! Next it gave my wife's 2011 Camaro a great look!
light kit
Bill (Keller, TX US) | September 30th, 2015
Fairly easy to install, instructions could have been better, effects on the lights are cool!
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