AirAid 450-177 Cold Air Intake 2005-2009 Ford Mustang

AirAid 450-177 Cold Air Intake 2005-2009 Ford Mustang

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The 2005-2009 Mustang GT, with its retro styling and powerful 4.6L V8, is one of the hottest cars to come out of Detroit in a long time. With 300 horsepower on tap, and tire spinning torque, Ford's latest muscle car lives up to its performance car heritage. But as is the case with most production vehicles, there's some hidden horsepower to unleash under the hood of the Mustang, providing you use the right tools to do it with. To meet the technological challenges associated with today's complicated engine management systems, including the one found on the new Mustang, AIRAID has developed an all-new intake system that delivers more horsepower and torque, along with a deep throaty sound, WITHOUT the need for an aftermarket computer programmer.


AIRAID's hot, new intake system for the 2005+ Mustang GT V-8 and 2005+ Mustang V-6 (p/n 450-177) is actually two intake systems in one. AIRAID's newest Cool Air Dam intake utilizes Modular Venturi Technology to generate an additional 17 horsepower and 21 lb/ft of torque on the Mustang GT (13 hp and 10 lb/ft for V6) while maintaining proper air and fuel ratios across the entire RPM range. The system boasts a 4-inch roto-molded intake tube, larger than any other intake on the market for a BEEFY look, that is mated to a lightweight composite Cool Air Dam. What makes AIRAID's system different from the rest is the Modular Venturi Tube. The MVT is what maintains proper air/fuel ratios with the stock electronic tuning. But in order to take advantage of such serious performance bolt on such as high-lift camshafts, big-port cylinder heads, headers and other high-performance parts, the MVT can be removed for even more horsepower and torque gains provided customer-supplied custom electronic tuning is installed. This gives serious Mustang performance enthusiasts the ability to retain the AIRAID intake as they add serious performance upgrades to the car without worrying about the need to upgrade the air intake for added air flow.


Unlike many other intake systems that are on the market today, AIRAID's new 2005+ Mustang intake system makes great horsepower and torque WITHOUT the need for aftermarket tuning. AIRAID's Modular Venturi Technology is the secret and the claims are easily backed up on the dyno in fact, the 2005 Mustang GT used for this install generated an additional 17 rear-wheel horsepower and 21 lb/ft of torque with the factory programming and original exhaust system.


AIRAID's new Mustang Air Intake System comes complete with all the necessary mounting hardware and complete, detailed instructions for easy installation. The install can be accomplished by the average driveway mechanic in about an hour. If you're a Mustang owner looking to unleash the hidden horsepower and torque that is sitting under the hood of your car, without the use of aftermarket programmers, then AIRAID's new Mustang intake system is worth checking out.


The heart of the new Mustang air intake system is an AIRAID Premium SynthaFlow high-flow air filter which is isolated from engine heat by a computer-designed Cool Air Dam. SynthaFlow is a synthetic fiber material that traps the smallest dirt particles that ordinary cotton-gauze performance


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