Streamline Seat Heater Kit

Streamline Seat Heater Kit

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Our seat heaters will warm your seats quickly and safely! After starting your vehicle on a cold winter morning, simply switch on your seat heater and feel the warmth radiate through the seat.

The thinner heating elements are invisible after installation having been cut down from 1/4 inch to an 1/8 inch to make them less detectable under cloth and thinner upholstery. Mini 2-temp control module is integrated into a simplified harness. It's all one piece making it easier to install in tight spots. The lighted 2-temperature rocker switch installs easily, especially with the new quick disconnect lighted Hi-Lo switch for quicker install. Easy peel and stick backing assures smooth application and permanent adhesion to prevent bunching and hot spots.

The elements in this kit will heat up faster and hotter than our other custom fit seat heaters. The assembly and installation is easier and the harness lengths are more user friendly. If you are installing this kit on only one seat (as opposed to both front seats, for example), this lower profile kit might suit your needs better than the custom fit kit which offers more options but has some drawbacks in comparison to this kit

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