Intake Air Temp Extension (IAT) Harness

Intake Air Temp Extension (IAT) Harness

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If you have changed your intake system to a K&N cone filter or even a cold air box such as the SLP or K&N, you'll definitely want to consider moving your intake air temperature sensor closer to where the air is coming in from. This 24 inch IAT (intake air temperature) harness allows you to do just that. Use it to move the IAT sensor almost anywhere in your engine bay to allow the PCM (the car's computer) to get a more accurate reading of the actual temperature of the incoming air. If you leave the IAT sensor in the factory location but have a cold air intake, the PCM may think that the incoming air is hotter than it is, reducing your performance. The more accurate the air temperature reading, the more horsepower your car will produce.

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