Ultimate Wash and Detail Bucket

Ultimate Wash and Detail Bucket

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The Ultimate Wash, Detail and Installation bucket/stool makes washing and detailing your car a snap. It also doubles as an excellent installation stool and is a great place to store your wash and detail supplies when they're not in use.

The 5 gallon bucket includes a nifty Grit Shield that extracts the dirt from your wash mitt and traps it beneath a protective grille. This helps to prevent dirt particles from being picked up by your wash mitt and rubbed back onto the paint. Add to that the utility of its heavy-duty casters, handy threaded lid, soft seat pad and air tight seal and you have the perfect mobile wash system that can be used anytime anywhere and in any weather. Once your car is washed, it makes a great stool for detailing the lower part of your car or doing installations of other parts.


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