Katzkin Leather Interior - 97-03 Grand Prix

Katzkin Leather Interior - 97-03 Grand Prix

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This product has been discontinued and is not available to order.


Product Description

When it comes to after-market leather interiors, nothing beats the quality and style of Katzkin's ready to install interiors. The leather used in creating Katzkin interiors is top quality, meeting the rigorous standards set by OEMs. Whether you have a cloth interior and you're looking to upgrade, or you're interested in a sportier two-tone look, Katzkin interiors are sure to impress even the most discriminating Grand Prix owner. The leather is softer, of better quality and the seating area contains more cushioning which provides more comfort for your drive. Choose from over forty colors, get creative and do two tone, add piping, embroidery and perforations.

The warning and disclaimer paragraph.They look great, feel great, you'll get lots of comments on them but there are downsides and many things to consider to make sure you get exactly what you want. First off, they are extremely difficult to install if you have no experience with upholstery. We highly recommend having these professionally installed. Upon request, we will email you a contact number that will give you a list of installers in your area. Installation should run between $200 and $500 or so. Secondly, if you have a factory heated driver's seat in your Grand Prix, the heating element is sewn into the leather of your seat and is not reusable. You'll either need to buy one of the aftermarket seat heaters (available in the Interior Accessories section of the Grand Prix Store) or do without your driver's side heated seat. Last but not least, these are non returnable. Of course if there is a mistake on your order that is the fault of the manufacturer or us or if there are any defects in workmanship, those will be resolved. You can not return these because you didn't like the color combination or for any other reason than what is mentioned above. We would rather you didn't buy them at all than to make an expensive mistake you're not going to be happy with. Please feel free to email us with any questions you might have.

These are custom made to order therefore are not returnable. Shipped UPS Ground from California, it can take as long as two weeks to reach the East Coast. Please allow ample time for delivery. Picture shown above is Dark Graphite with Red Piping, Red Centers, Perforations, Embroidery with Grand Prix in block lettering and Red Door panels. See below for a link to the color chart.

Click here for the Katzkin Leather Color Chart.

Glossary of ordering terms

    Centers: Shown in red, centers cover the whole center of the seating area. You can choose Centers or Inserts done in a second color but not both. Centers and Inserts are only referred to as what section is being done in a second color.
    Inserts: Unlike Centers, Inserts, stop where the arrow is in the picture, the main color covers the bottom to the seat back and the back of the seat bottom. You can choose Centers or Inserts done in a second color but not both
    Piping: Shown in red, it looks like little pipes running the border in the picture.
    Embroidery: Stitched lettering as shown in the picture. Available as Grand Prix in block lettering as shown or using the officially licensed logos from GM for an extra charge.
    Perforations: Little holes poked into the leather to give a little breathing room between your body and the leather.
    Door Panels: Shown in red, these replace your existing door panel inserts. These are included at no charge, some people choose not to use them.
    Block Lettering and Logos: Block lettering is a generic block font while Logo refers to the use of the official GM licensed logo. An example would be the Grand Prix lettering in the pictures. This is done in Block Lettering. The Logo option would be the same as the Grand Prix badge on your trunk lid.
Two Tone Centers

Two Tone Inserts

Installation Difficulty

Installation Difficulty 5


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