Speedbuilt Euro Headlight Upgrade for 97-04 Corvette

Speedbuilt Euro Headlight Upgrade for 97-04 Corvette

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If you've ever driven your C5 Corvette at night on a very dark road, you know how poor the headlamps are for spirited driving (or even just plain highway cruising). We found out that GM's European headlamps are superior to the US version, and we used them as the basis for this must-have upgrade kit that you will only find here at PFYC. Best of all, this is a plug and play upgrade, with no wire cutting or splicing, It works properly the first time and every time.

The difference between the US and European headlamp assemblies is hard to show in pictures, but even pictures show a very marked improvement over the US headlamps. The key differences between the two are as follows:

  • US headlamps: cheap plastic that will melt with higher wattage bulbs
  • European headlamps: glass and metal that will not melt
  • US headlamps: spread light in a general, diffuse direction, with no upper cutoff to prevent glare to oncoming cars
  • European headlamps: designed to meet Europe's stricter standards and have a sharp cutoff while the low beam is on, meaning you can increase wattage as much as you like without causing glare for oncoming drivers (make sure to aim them properly!)
  • US headlamp low beam: concentrates most of its light at a single hot spot in front of the car
  • European headlamp low beam: distributes the light output evenly across the entire frontal area of the car and out into the distance for even lighting. Also has a nice "rising edge" feature where the light output rises on the right side of the car for a much better view of the dark side of the road where signs, people, and animals may be hiding
  • US headlamp high beam: just a brighter version of the low beam
  • European headlamp high beam: completely different light pattern that spreads out like a spotlight for superb vision in the darkest areas

Only the highest quality components and manufacturing processes go into the various parts of our kit, so you need not worry about reliability. After all, you don't want to skimp on your headlights and have them fail on you when you need them the most. Installation takes less than 2 hours including proper aiming, and there are no wires to cut. Everything you need to install this kit is included (if you purchase a kit).

NOTE: The factory wiring in your Corvette is not sufficient to carry the high current necessary for high wattage operation, making a heavy duty wiring harness a necessity if you want to run higher wattage bulbs. If you don't plan to run anything more than the factory wattage, the factory wattage kit will be sufficient for your needs.

The factory wattage kit includes:

  • Two (2) GM European T84 Headlamp lenses
  • Two (2) GM 55/60W H4 bulbs
  • Two (2) 9005/9006 to H4 plug and play pigtail harnesses
  • To create your own high wattage kit, either source your own GM assemblies (which come with 55/60W bulbs from GM) or buy them from us below. Then buy the high wattage harness below. You'll need to source your own high wattage bulbs, however.


    • 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette C5 (All Models)

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    European headlights
    STEVEN Papp (Hendersonville North Carolina USA) | March 27th, 2021
    Review was great I installed the European headlights. I did order the European Why wire harnesses 100 watt installed Bulbs. European headlights are far superior for driving on winding roads I would recommend them. I found myself lucky and bought one for $100 the second $125Installation is not easy I recommend taking the adjusters apart cleaning them and using silicone grease. I had to take the car in to get the headlights adjusted I gave up trying to do it myself
    Hi Watt Product as good as described
    Harley J (Scappoose, OR US) | April 8th, 2007
    Product is well made, USA/Swiss product. 2hrs is optimistic, since there is some massaging to do. Harness is well made and fits perfectly if routed well. (You don't need the 10 ga. wire if you bought harness). Last point leads to biggest issue. Install instructions. There are two versions, with the harness equipped hi-power version being somewhat incomplete for how to connect to power and to route harness. I've written an enhanced version, and will provide it for vendor. In use, the lights are quite bright, yet have a good cutoff, keeping the light pretty much on the road, instead of in the eyes of oncoming drivers...for the most part. My car has been on the road for a few years, and the adjustment is not working with a torx screwdriver; I've bought the socket to try again. Fix: Lube the differential style adj. mechanism while you have the assy out. Wish I had. In use, I really feel like the nighttime driving experience is easier, and I'm more in command of the vehicle. On curvy backroads, the brights light up the road ahead, almost like daylight. I'm satisfied that I can tune these to perfection.
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