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Choosing the Right Chevy Camaro Racing Stripe


Let’s face it – most Camaro owners, at some point, want to get some racing stripes. If any car was made for racing stripes, it’s the Camaro. And PFYC, your premier Camaro parts supplier, carries a great selection to choose from!

For this article, we’ll look at a few Camaro racing stripe kits that our customers already love, plus a few new products that are sure to command attention on the road – or in the showroom.

First, let’s see why racing stripes are more popular than ever.

Why Racing Stripe Kits Rule – Especially for the Camaro

Racing stripes were originally placed on cars to help identify them during road races. They were more of a safety feature than anything else. The origin of racing stripes started in Europe at races like Le Mans (France), Mille Miglia and Targa Florio (both in Italy). American car designers took this concept to another level, and racing stripes really took off during the 1960s and 1970s, which was the golden era of the muscle car.

The Chevy Camaro has long been a favorite car for racing stripes, and current Camaro models (including the fourth, fifth and sixth generations) are among the most popular vehicles for DIY stripe installers.

Here are just a few reasons why a racing stripe kit makes sense for your Camaro:

  • Low cost, high visual impact. Racing stripes are one of the best ways to immediately improve your Camaro’s exterior appearance. And the best thing is, you won’t have to empty your savings account to do this popular Camaro modification. Many of the Camaro racing stripe kits available on PFYC are available for less than $100, and many more can be purchased for less than $200. And remember, every PFYC purchase includes our famous Low Price Guarantee. Regardless of your budget, you can upgrade your Camaro today!
  • Surprising durability. The vast majority of Camaro racing stripes are made from all-weather vinyl, so your car will enjoy that ultra-aggressive look for miles and years to come! We recommend regular inspections for your racing stripes – every few thousand miles is a good interval – to help ensure small holes or weathered sections don’t start to peel. But for the most part, Camaro racing stripes are one of those “install and forget about it” DIY projects.
  • Easy installation. With the help of a friend, you can apply new Camaro racing stripes in no time at all. Our Camaro racing stripe kits include easy to follow instructions, and our racing stripe experts can always offer some suggestions – just call us at 866-695-7392. In about an hour, you can successfully install new Camaro racing stripes.

Popular Camaro Racing Stripe Kits at PFYC

We asked our in-house Camaro racing stripe experts to highlight a few of their favorites. Plus, we constantly get feedback from our customers, so we’re always in the loop as to what Camaro enthusiasts are demanding. The following list includes some of the most popular racing stripes, along with a few you may have missed.

  • Speed Side Stripes

Let’s start out from the side. Camaro owners love the classic hood and roof racing stripes, but don’t forget about the right and left flanks. With precision-cut decals, rugged vinyl construction and an industry-leading warranty, this kit works will with practically any hood stripe design. Starting from the upper wheel wells and extending back to the end of each door, this side stripe kit brings a sleek, racing-inspired character to any Gen 6 and Gen 7 Camaro.

Speed Side Stripes for 2010-2017 Camaro


  • Turbo Rally Stripe Kit – Gen 6 Camaro

The classic dual-stripe arrangement continues to capture the imagination of Camaro lovers. And this Turbo Rally Stripe Kit doesn’t disappoint. Available in dozens of popular colors, this kit also has plenty of cool customization options, like Rally SS spoiler stripes and unique convertible configurations. You really can’t go wrong with the perennially popular kit!

Turbo Rally Stripe Kit for 2016 2017 Gen6 Camaro

  • Tread Rocker Stripe Kit

Rock out your Camaro’s rockers with these racing stripes. We think that every square inch of your Camaro is stripe-worthy, so why not the side rockers, too? Designed for the Gen 7 Camaro, this kit includes a “Camaro” lettering option, along with the typical great features you get with PFYC Camaro racing stripe kits. Colors available in 3M, Ritrama, or Avery.

Tread Rocker Stripe Kit for 2016 2017 Gen6 Camaro

  • Single Stripe Kit – Gen 5 Camaro

If you think less is more with Camaro racing stripes, you’ll love this product. This single stripe integrates flawlessly with your Camaro’s front hood vent, and its bold, aggressive lines are perfect at the racetrack or out on the open road. Custom options include stripes for the Camaro SS, with a spoiler and without a spoiler. Regardless of your 2009 – 1015 Camaro’s design, this kit has you covered!

Single Stripe Stripe Kit for 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Camaro

Parts for your Car – and Stripes for your Camaro!

With such a large assortment of Camaro racing stripe kits to choose from, PFYC is also SFYC…Stripes for your Camaro We carry some of the best DIY stripe kits you’ll find anywhere, and Camaro owners love the versatility, easy installation and low cost. If you’re looking to separate your Camaro from the rest, start with a racing stripe kit from PFYC today.

Check out our entire collection of 2010 – 2015, 2016 and 2017 Camaro racing stripe kits – you’re sure to find something you like! If you have any questions about any racing stripe product, give our Camaro exterior component consultants a call at 866-695-7392. Thanks for stopping by the PFYC blog – and check back for more new product reviews, installation tips and more.

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