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How to Polish Your Car

How to Polish Your Car

If you are a car fanatic like me and own the best pieces of vinyl, then you know how essential its to polish the car to make them shine bright. Regular exterior auto maintenance – and a regular polish is a critical component – doesn’t just enhance your car’s appearance. On the other hand, if you polish your car, you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

  • Showroom-ready appearance. This is the most obvious factor, but it’s still worth mentioning. A fresh polish adds a subtle shine to your car, and also adds a vibrant, photogenic quality to the paint, no matter how old! A Dodge Challenger with 100 miles or a 20-year old Chevy Camaro can benefit from a thorough polish.
  • Optimal value. When you polish your car, you’re protecting your car. The weather, road debris, bugs and more – it’s a rough road ahead for your car, and a good polish helps shield your car from the bad guys. While extending the life of your car, you’re also helping to preserve its value – a win-win for sure! If you simply were to kilometerstand controleren, you’d notice the difference.
  • The “spill-over effect.” Car owners the polish their car are more likely to follow a regular maintenance schedule for other parts of their auto – tires, engine, interior, you name it. If you haven’t given your car a polish lately, do it today! It’s a smart, easy way to start taking care of your car in other aspects, too.

The Best Way to Polish Your Car

In order to effectively apply polish to your car, you have to ensure the exterior surface is as clean as possible. After a thorough wash, use a microfiber towel or other lint-free cloth. Once your car is clean, you’re ready to polish!

  1. Apply the polish to a lint-free cloth or waxing foam pad. Just a tiny amount will suffice. One product we recommend is Adam’s Revive hand polish.
  2. Spread the polish into a thin layer on your car’s surface.
  3. Once the polish has been evenly applied, work the polish into car until it looks almost clear. It doesn’t matter the direction you use – circular, side to side, up and down. What matters is getting the polish evenly spread out.
  4. If necessary, you can apply another coat of polish.
  5. Make sure you apply the polish into door crevices and other small areas.
  6. It’s time to wipe off the polish. Use a large, lint-free cloth and wipe off any excess polish.
  7. Once the polish is removed, you can apply a protectant. Adam’s Buttery Wax is an excellent choice for its high-gloss finish. Apply the protectant exactly the same as regular wax.
  8. And you’re all done!

PFYC showcases some of the best car polish products on the planet, courtesy of Adam’s Premium Car Care Products. These sealants, cleaners and car waxes are carefully crafted with the finest materials available, resulting in a shine and coat that’s superior to any other car wax brand.

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