Custom Fit Seat Covers for 2014-2019 C7 Corvette Stingray

Custom Fit Seat Covers for 2014-2019 C7 Corvette Stingray

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These Custom Fit Seat Covers for your 2014-2019 C7 Corvette Stingray are very affordable and take less than 30 minutes to install. They are made from the highest quality materials and fit so well that you'd think they were brand new seats. These are NOT cheap, generic covers that you'll find in auto parts stores.

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  • 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 C7 Corvette Stingray base coupe and convertible Highback Bucket (not for competition sport seat)

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Verified Buyer
A few installation issues
Joseph Ferris (Green Bay. WI) | September 19th, 2021
No question, these CoverKing neoprene seat covers are a quality product. However, the securing straps were difficult to use. Where the snaps connect is about 5 inches under and back from the front of the seat. With the rear straps extended to reach the front seat, it was impossible to pull on the rear strap to tighten up the fit. Also, the Velcro flaps that pass under the head rest would have had a better, cleaner fit if the Velcro had been placed on the opposite side. As is, when you tuck the flaps in to snug up the fit, the Velcro ends up facing the seat back rather than the companion Velcro piece that is on the seat cover itself. Finally, the instruction video mentioned a zipper on the back side of the seat cover back. Mine didn
C7 Stingray seat covers
Ron Vezina (Harrison Twp, Michigan US) | April 30th, 2018
Nice looking seat covers. We removed seats in order to have more room. Fairly easy installation. Some small flaws where stitching pulled
Verified Buyer
2010 Chevy Cobalt Neoprene covers
Kodey (Avon Lake, OH U.S.) | April 25th, 2017
These are pretty awesome. Installation was pretty easy. They look great and fit great.
Gman's Review
Gman (Upper Marlboro, Md USA) | September 8th, 2016
Decent Quality , look & feel.. Good fit except for along the side where I chosed to tuck the fabric in rather than dangle over seat adjustment buttons. Must to seats to get a good fit.
Custom fit quality
Mike (Bayonne, NJ USA) | July 10th, 2016
I expected great quality from these suede covers and this is exactly what I received. The directions were fairly useless, so I installed without. I was confused on how to clip the straps to secure the seat bottom, so I tucked them. Not much room to work with the C7 interior. Overall, the fit was near perfect. I'm sure they will protect my seats for years to come. I'm happy with my investment.
Verified Buyer
Solstice seat covers
Dave S (Newmarket, Ontario Canada) | April 5th, 2016
This product is well made fit like a glove. However unlike the instructions I would highly recommend that you take the seats out of the car which only entails four bolts on the floor and the disconnect of the seat belt tab,and unplugging the seat belt warning wire, allow a half an hour per seat for this part of the job. I also sprayed the inside of the cover and the car seat with silicone spray which allows it to slip over easily which in conjunction with a hair dryer to heat vinyl to allow for more stretch especially around zipper area. and remove wrinkles made for a custom look.This sounds like a lot of work but I found it almost impossible to achieve a professional looking job without these steps
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Coverking Custom Seat Covers protect the original upholstery from damage, cover up any existing damage, and provide a more personalized look to a vehicle interior. Coverking Custom Seat Covers are designed to fit perfectly. Because many seats have reclining, folding and removal features, Coverking Custom Seat Covers are designed to allow complete use of the seat features. Coverking always includes headrests, armrests, console covers for split bench seats, and map pockets. For many vehicles, Coverking offers Custom Seat Covers for the rear seats. Coverking Custom Seat Covers also have provisions for side airbags if equipped. Coverking insists on testing its materials, and offers a wide selection of colors and patterns. Coverking is also the only Custom Seat Cover manufacturer to be quality certified QS-9000 and TS16949.

Why Choose Coverking Custom Seat Covers?

Custom Seat Covers are available from several manufacturers. There are significant differences in the look, fit, construction, price and even what is included with the various Custom Seat Cover programs on the market. Following are some of the features which set Coverking Custom Seat Covers apart from others.

Pattern Design

What does "Custom" really mean? Because there is no governing body over "Custom Auto Accessories", companies are free to classify their products as anything they would like them to be. Coverking's definition of Custom Seat Covers is a product which will fit a vehicle's seats so well that many people will mistake them for original upholstery. The fit is dependant on the pattern, and Coverking invests a lot in their patterns.


There is no single material which is perfect for all conditions - which is why Coverking offers a wide selection of seat cover materials. Coverking engineers and tests all seat cover materials to choose those best suited for the task. Because Coverking is the only Custom Seat Cover manufacturer certified to QS9000 and TS16949 quality standards. All Coverking Custom Seat Covers are made from tested materials. We don't buy "seconds" or "over-run" materials, and we don't sell lower grade materials as top quality. Coverking Seat Cover materials meet stringent standards for fading, flame resistance and wear. Coverking offers Custom Seat Covers in several materials and colors.

Materials Available

  • Premium Leatherette: Leatherette is a high quality vinyl with a soft, leather-like feel and look. A tough material which will stand up to children and pets, yet clean up easily with a wet sponge. The same material adds a luxurious leather look to any vehicle. Leatherette is available in both solid and two tone color combinations.
  • CR-Grade Neoprene: There are several grades of Neoprene in a wide range of prices. The top grade is CR, which is used in surfing wet suits. Unfortunately, many companies use a low grade neoprene which is also used for computer mouse pads. CR-Grade Neoprene provides the best fit along with a great, comfortable feel. All Neoprene custom fit seat covers are made using CR-Grade Neoprene. Available in both solid or two-tone combinations.
  • Velour: Velour is the same high quality material found in many automotive interiors. This material has been treated with extra U.V. inhibitors to help prevent fading and shrinking. Velour is extra plush and available in several popular colors. All Velour seat covers are sold in attractive solid color combinations.

No "Extras"

Coverking sells products which are complete right out of the box. All Coverking Custom Seat Covers include EVERYTHING that you need - headrests, armrests, console covers, map pockets, cut outs for controls, airbag flaps and provisions for seats with integrated seat belts. Coverking does not sell seat covers at a low teaser price, then charge extra for headrests, armrests, console covers, even airbag cutouts!

Designed to Cover, not Hinder

Today's vehicle seats are designed with features and functions such as integrated airbags and seatbelts, the ability to fold flat and even be removed, even electric massage. Coverking takes extra effort to design Custom Seat Covers which allow the original seat functions.


Coverking Custom Seat Covers are made in California, U.S.A. by skilled professionals working in a clean and comfortable environment. Coverking uses technology and automation to keep prices down, quality up and happiness high. A heavily computerized production area optimizes every operation and results in superior quality. Coverking Custom Seat Covers are made to install easily and fit perfectly by using appropriate stitching machines, hooks, elastic and other tools to do the job right. No shortcuts are taken by trying to use only one kind of sewing operation, or skimping on attachments. Coverking Custom Seat Covers are used and enjoyed by many people. We hope you will join the ranks of our very satisfied customers.

Color Samples (click below)

Leatherette - Black
Leatherette - Charcoal
Leatherette - Gray
Leatherette - Beige
Leatherette - Black/Yellow
Leatherette - Black/Red
Leatherette - Black/Gray
Leatherette - Black/Charcoal
Neoprene - Black/Red Hawaiian
Neoprene - Black/Blue Hawaiian
Neoprene - Black Hawaiian
Neoprene - Black
Neoprene - Black/Red
Neoprene - Black/Blue
Neoprene - Black/Gray
Neoprene - Black/Yellow
Velour - Black
Velour - Charcoal
Velour - Gray
Velour - Brown
Velour - Tan
Velour - Wine
Velour - Red
Velour - Dark Blue
Velour - Green
Velour - Medium Blue
Velour - Beige
Velour - Cocoa
Velour - Taupe
Velour - Oak
Velour - Dark Taupe

NOTE: Leave the quantity set as 1 when ordering. These are sold by "row," and thus, a quantity of 1 is for the entire row you have selected.

RETURNS: These are custom made to order and thus we cannot accept exchanges or returns. Please make your selections carefully. If you have any questions please email us prior to ordering.