"WOW" That's It Detail Spray 16oz

"WOW" That's It Detail Spray 16oz

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Look no further when looking for a detail spray that will make your car shine and can be applied in some of the worst conditions. The "WOW" That's It Detail Spray is unlike most detail products you can apply it in direct sun and it won't dry up an leave your car with streaks. One of the most impressive things with this spray is you can apply it in temperatures up to 125 degrees so you no longer have to stand around waiting for your car to cool off before you can start detailing your car. The Carnauba Wax #1 and the Essential Oils treat your surfaces like royalty. Get that deep glossy glow and protection of a quality synthetic wax. This is a quick wipe with this detail spray will remove any dust and dirt from your drive to the show and keep your car looking its absolute best.


  • Any Car Color

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