Wind Restrictor Logo Wind Screen for 2006-2009 Pontiac Solstice

Wind Restrictor Logo Wind Screen for 2006-2009 Pontiac Solstice

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Our made-in-the-USA Wind Restrictor Logo Wind Screen for your 2006-2009 Pontiac Solstice is an amazing, unique and durable product that blocks as much (or more) wind turbulence than the factory OEM mesh net windscreens and helps to maintain the temperature inside of your roadster when the top is down. All of the Wind Restrictors we offer can remain in place with the roof closed and are mounted solidly yet inconspicuously without any permanent alterations required.

How does it work?

The Wind Restrictor is designed to significantly reduce back draft. Back draft is created when wind pressure inside your car's cabin is less than the wind pressure outside the car. The cabin acts as a vacuum and gusty wind enters from behind the passengers, creating noise and buffeting. The WR will block this wind from entering the cabin at highway speeds. You can control the amount of wind by adjusting the side windows. The lower you put your side windows, the windier it will be inside your cabin. Put them up completely to reduce wind as much as possible.

With the Wind Restrictor you can:

  • Eliminate most wind turbulence and noise
  • Personalize your roadster with illuminated graphics
  • Advertise your business with a custom, etched logo
  • Wire it to brake lamps, fog lamps, head lamps, or a switch
  • Prevent driver fatigue
  • Carry on conversations with your passenger without raising your voice
  • Arrive with your hair in place and free of tangles (especially long hair)
  • Enjoy more of the full richness and clarity of your stereo
  • Help maintain the temperature in in the cabin when your top is down

The only wind deflecting device to have all of the following features...

  • Made from double-sided AR Polycarbonate This very durable acrylic type material is also scratch resistant. Others are made out of much cheaper materials and dangerously breakable plastics. Some are Lexan: the disadvantage is that it scratches easily and won't emit illumination and may also discolor with etching.
  • Professionally and precisely designed and laser cut Others are produced at home using table routers and jigsaws leaving rough edges and defective shapes. Wind Restrictors are professionally produced from the finest materials using state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Illumination available The only wind deflecting device on the market that has this patent pending feature! You can have the Wind Restrictor Light Kit hard wired to any 12 volt wire in the car. Most car audio/electronic shops or dealerships can wire it or you can do it yourself in less than 1 hour. A cigarette lighter plug adapter or AAA battery pack can be added for an easy, convenient connection.
  • Laser etching available Etched with a high powered laser to really make your roadster unique and stand out. The engraving will also emit light and give off an awesome glowing effect with a light kit installed. Personalize your roadster with a custom logo or any of our standard graphics
  • Perfectly formed to the contours of your roadster Others are not designed or manufactured to fit the body lines or roll bars on your roadster.
  • Attaches to your roadster without permanent alteration or tacky fixtures No drilling of holes, adhesive tape, Velcro or straps.
  • Extremely smooth crystal-clear edges Others are sometimes sharp and ridged; ours are laser cut smoothly to perfection and then flame polished so that the Wind Restrictor looks and feels like "a million bucks" as well as emitting the best quality illumination
  • Easy installation 1. Remove 2-4 screws from your rear panel 2. Mount the Wind Restrictor into place 3. Put extended screw connectors back in place! Total installation time is about 5-8 minutes.

Version Options: Version 1 mounts with 4 replacement screws on the back side of the rear silver panel. No drilling is necessary (the screws replace shorter screws already in place). We suggest removing this version if you are leaving your top up for extended periods of time (such as winter storage), but it can be left in place for daily use and while the top is either up or down. 1/8" thick. Version 2 mounts above waterfall compartment to the front side of the silver panel with dual-lock fasteners. No alterations or damage whatsoever to your vehicle. Dual lock fasteners can be removed later without any remnants. Can be left in place with top up. No drilling necessary. Mounting points are hidden when installed. 1/4" thick.

Extreme Lighting Kit: With our new Extreme Lighting Kit, you can choose which color you want your Wind Restrictor to light up in - no longer do you have to choose a pre-defined color. Choose from red, white, blue, pink, yellow, green or cyan any time you wish. The unit comes with a remote control that you can use to turn the lights on or off or change the color. The controller features a cool "fade" option and also a "blink" option for use at car shows or gatherings. Requires a 12V plug and can be either hardwired or used with a 12V outlet in your car for maximum flexibility.

Click here to read version 1 installation instructions

Click here to read version 2 installation instructions

We assume you're here because you're looking for something to block the wind in your car. There are a lot of names people might use to find such a device, words like wind screen, wind deflector, wind stop, wind blocker, wind block, etc. Hopefully you found us and like what you see. These are awesome, show-stopping wind blockers that do a lot more than just help you stay un-breezy.

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Verified Buyer
Multi Color change wind restrictor
Bill & Brenda (Calmar, Alberta Canada) | July 24th, 2017
The end result is a pretty nice effect. The product does not disappoint in its ability to "restrict" the wind that comes into the cabin of the car. With the windows up and the roof down there is a very noticeable difference. The installation directions are not as precise as I needed them to be, so there was measuring and remeasuring required. However well made the product is, it is made of acrylic and has a slight bounce while traveling at and speed. Over all I really like the product and am happy to have it in my car.
Wind Screen Saturn Sky
Tom P (Hamilton, NJ USA) | July 17th, 2016
Excellent product with easy installation. Works as expected and delivery was super quick. Love it!
Jerry (Kansas City, Missouri US) | April 13th, 2016
The wind Restrictor was very will packed. Easy to install. Only had one warm day on the weekend to drive with top down. It keep the wind to a minimum as I drove down the highway and when I drove under 35 MPH I put the windows down see if the wind was as strong as told. Yep! So I raised the windows up half way and it was perfect, slight breeze. Looking forward for more warmer weekend here in KC Royal territory.
Wind restrictor
Sue K (Gurnee, Il USA) | July 29th, 2015
Love it! Not only does it help with wind it looks really sharp on the car. The online chat customer representative steered us in the right direction on this purchase!
Verified Buyer
corvette wind Restrictor
William R (Pocomoke City, Maryland USA) | July 24th, 2015
This works very well. I put a little extra and where the Restrictor mounts I put 2 machine screws through the bracket to the car frame to cut down the vibration. Installing the light bar has many options.
Thought it would be better !
Joyce (Cumming, Ga USA) | May 26th, 2014
My husband just put our wind restrictor on and I DON'T like it at all, it doesn't come up high enough in the back window when you have the top up you see this BIG line where you need to look in the rear view mirror and there are shadows that you see. I just think for what we paid for this that a lot more thought could have gone onto this " VERY DISSATISFIED" The Wife To The Man !
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