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Our Favorite Carbon Fiber Mustang Upgrades

Our Favorite Carbon Fiber Mustang Upgrades

The Ford Mustang always was – and remains – one of the most popular muscle cars to modify. From engine upgrades to control console enhancements, do-it-yourself mechanics have made Mustang mods a permanent part of their driving experience.

There’s another segment of Mustang upgrades – exterior components – that offer plenty of performance benefits. And when those mods are made from sturdy yet lightweight carbon fiber, the advantages are multiplied. When it comes to exterior modifications, carbon fiber accessories offer superior performance characteristics that can’t be matched by similar plastic, aluminum or metal replacements., the leader in Mustang carbon fiber parts, sells premium performance parts at great prices. This blog will examine the distinct advantages of using carbon fiber parts for your Ford Mustang, and we’ll also review some of our most popular carbon fiber components.

Why Carbon Fiber Parts for Your Mustang?

If you’re thinking about upgrading your Ford Mustang, you’ve probably heard from ford pcm, all the benefits of carbon fiber components. What makes carbon fiber parts preferable to other materials?

  • Advanced engineering. Carbon fiber parts were originally designed for high-performance aircraft. The aeronautic and aerospace industries were ahead of the curve with carbon fiber technology, as the seemingly small differences in strength-to-weight ratio and other measurements gave cutting-edge manufacturers a decided advantage over the competition. All carbon fiber Mustang parts at PFYC are designed to perform as well (and better) than the factory equivalent component.
  • Weight reduction. For Ford Mustang owners, a lighter car is a better-performing car. A faster car. Oh, and a much more fuel-efficient car. Carbon fiber components allow significant weight reduction benefits, which results in greater fuel economy. “Slimming down” your Ford Mustang with carbon fiber parts produces roughly 1% better gas mileage with every 50 pounds reduced from your car’s original curb weight! If you’re into Mustang upgrades, and want to put your Pony on a diet, carbon fiber Mustang parts from the PFYC warehouse are the way to go!
  • Better handling. Carbon fiber’s astounding strength-to-weight ratio means that your Mustang won’t only shed unnecessary weight, but it’ll also enjoy superior handling. Carbon fiber Mustang parts like front splitters, rear spoilers and other exterior components offer a more streamlined, aerodynamic, and ultimately better-handling automobile.
  • Optimal acceleration and speed. With all that weight reduced, your Mustang’s new carbon fiber makeover will also result in noticeable gains in acceleration and speed. Carbon fiber parts are one way to give your Mustang more “get up and go,” aside from more costly engine upgrades. Many Mustang upgrades are geared toward reducing the 0 – 60 MPH time, and carbon fiber Mustang parts and accessories from PFYC can help get your Pony’s acceleration where you need it.
  • Easy installation. Many carbon fiber parts for your Mustang utilize existing mounting holes for simple installation. And all carbon fiber parts from PFYC come with our full support – if you have any questions about an installation technique, just give us a call!  Easy installation, exceptional customer service – nobody beats PFYC for carbon fiber Mustang parts!
  • Value-added advantage. Carbon fiber parts don’t rust and deteriorate like typical metal or plastic parts. For Mustang owners – including you – staying on the road and out of the repair shop is more important than ever. And with carbon fiber components, you can reduce the time your car is spent in the garage for repairs. In other words, the benefits of carbon fiber Mustang parts go above and beyond the initial purchase and installation. With these Mustang upgrade accessories, your Pony is primed for better performance for years to come!
  • Stronger = safer. By some estimates, carbon fiber components are up to five times more rigid than steel, despite being significantly lighter. Plus, some impact studies have shown that carbon fiber parts are better equipped to absorb impact than other materials like steel.

Add it all up, and you can see why adding carbon fiber Mustang parts is a great idea. It’s also insanely affordable, thanks to PFYC’s value-added pricing. These are just some of the reasons you should consider carbon fiber parts for your Mustang. But which specific parts do we recommend? You’ll find a great assortment of Mustang upgrade parts at PFYC, and here are some of the best carbon fiber add-ons and replacement parts you’ll find right here at your #1 Mustang parts source!

PFYC’s Best Ford Mustang Carbon Fiber Parts

Here are some Mustang carbon fiber accessories we recommend – and they’ve also earned a thumbs-up from our customers, too! Remember, all of our carbon fiber Mustang parts come with the famous PFYC Low Price Guarantee. If you find a lower price for your Mustang upgrades, just let us know and we’ll get you a better deal. We automatically double the manufacturer’s warranty for all of our carbon fiber Mustang parts – and every accessory here at PFYC. Plus, we provide after the sale price protection for up to one year after your purchase.

  • Ford Mustang APR Carbon Fiber Engine Plenum Cover

Designed to replace your existing Mustang plenum cover, this carbon fiber component offers slight weight reduction, superior rigidity and ultra-easy installation. Perfect for your next car show, or if you simply want to upgrade your ‘Stang’s underhood appearance.

Ford Mustang APR Carbon Fiber Engine Plenum Cover

Ford Mustang APR Carbon Fiber Engine Plenum Cover

  • Ford Mustang APR Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud

APR Performance reliability and carbon fiber durability make this one of our most popular Mustang under-the-hood enhancements. The perfect complement to APR’s engine plenum cover (see above), this quality carbon fiber part features a high-gloss finish and is a superior replacement to your factory radiator shroud.

Ford Mustang APR Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud

Ford Mustang APR Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud


  • Mustang Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

Also from APR Performance, this front splitter has everything you’re looking for in a carbon fiber part replacement: super strength, simple installation, upgraded appearance and outstanding performance attributes. Oh, and did we mention built-in weight reduction? If you really wanna make your Mustang fly, start with this APR Performance carbon fiber front splitter!

Mustang Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

Mustang Carbon Fiber Front Splitter


  • Mustang APR Carbon Fiber GTC Drag Rear Wing

We’ve talked about the front of your Mustang with the splitter; now it’s time to head around back for more carbon fiber mod possibilities. This APR Performance CTG Drag Rear Wing boasts better-than-OEM quality, an aggressive profile, and helps eliminate lift at high speeds. For serious Mustang speed enthusiasts, this is a must-have carbon fiber component.

Mustang APR Carbon Fiber GTC Drag Rear Wing

Mustang APR Carbon Fiber GTC Drag Rear Wing

  • GT500 Carbon Fiber Mustang Splitter

This high performance front splitter has everything you’re looking for in a carbon fiber Mustang part. Race-ready, aggressive lines. Premium quality. Advanced aerodynamics. Noticeable downdraft. Better handling. And yes, it’s made of 100% long-lasting, versatile carbon fiber. Many Mustang owners looking to reduce their car’s overall weight will find plenty to like about this exclusive accessory. With better performance and a lighter, more nimble frame, this Mustang upgrade is the classic case of addition (better performance) by subtraction (less curb weight).

Carbon Fiber Splitter - 06-09 Mustang GT500

  • Carbon Fiber Rear Window Spoiler

No drilling, no mess, no problem. Mustang carbon fiber exterior upgrades don’t get any easier – or more stylish – than this popular rear window spoiler. Tape is included, and total installation time is less than an hour. Make a lasting impression in no time at all!

Carbon Fiber Rear Window Spoiler

Carbon Fiber Rear Window Spoiler

  • Carbon Fiber Front Fenders for 2015-2017 Mustang

Anderson Composites is known for their hand-crafted, top-quality carbon fiber Mustang parts. This fender set is the perfect way to decrease your Mustang’s weight and increase its street appeal! Sleek and streamlined style come standard, along with ultra-easy installation. These carbon fiber Mustang fenders are an ideal complement to other Anderson Composites Mustang upgrade accessories. Grab this fender kit today – you won’t be disappointed!

Carbon Fiber Front Fenders for 2015-2017 Mustang

Carbon Fiber Front Fenders for 2015-2017 Mustang has all the best carbon fiber components for the latest generation Ford Mustang, along with other popular cars like the Camaro, Corvette and Challenger. Our parts feature custom-made quality, better-than-OEM performance attributes and the best prices you’ll find anywhere. Check out our famous Low Price Guarantee for more information about our exceptionally affordable, high-quality carbon fiber components. With PFYC, there’s simply no better Ford Mustang carbon fiber parts provider. Plus, we sell a full range of Mustang mod accessories, including exhaust systems, other exterior components, cold air intakes, underhood parts, suspension & brakes and much more!

For any questions about Ford Mustang carbon fiber parts, or if you need more information about a particular product, give our parts experts a call at 866-695-7392. Thanks for stopping by the PFYC blog – check back for more useful info about your latest DIY mechanic project!

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