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Sinister Camaro

Give Your Camaro a “Sinister” Look

One of the most popular aftermarket Camaro design packages is the “Sinister” look – premium parts and components designed to give the legendary sportscar an aggressive, streetwise appearance. The Camaro is known for its OEM design enhancements, usually rolled out in a limited production run. But these Camaro upgrades are controlled by General Motors, and customization options are few and far between.

To help Camaro owners create their own custom car, many aftermarket auto parts manufacturers have created their own design packages. And one of the most popular is the Sinister line of Camaro components, now available at your favorite Camaro parts source.

Made in the USA from durable, high end materials – many accessories are crafted from carbon fiber, urethane and fiberglass – Sinister parts are perfect for the 5th generation Camaro.

If you’re ready up increase the fun-to-drive factor on your Camaro, keep reading!

Stock Camaro vs Sinister Camaro

A factory Camaro already has a sleek, streamlined appearance. But that hasn’t stopped innovative aftermarket parts manufacturers from producing exciting new products that add some edge to the Camaro’s exterior profile – and possibly boost performance, too!

Here are some of our favorite Sinister Camaro parts. 

Sinister Camaro Ram Air Hood

Your Camaro hood is one of the largest single-piece exterior components – so it’s only natural that you can make the biggest appearance improvement with a Sinister Camaro Ram Air Hood. The first thing you’ll notice about this Sinister Camaro hood is that it follows the Camaro’s already impressive, precise lines – rather than trying to show off too much, the hood integrates with your car’s racing-inspired profile. The intake scoop’s location promotes an aligned aesthetic with the front fascia and fender, which creates additional eye-catching appeal.

Sinister Camaro Ram Air Hood for 2010-2013 Camaro

The Sinister Ram Air Hood builds upon the original scope and scale of Camaro engineers. Instead of going against the grain (like other design enhancements), this Sinister hood remains classy and consistent, from end to end.

As an added bonus, the hood provides optimum air flow in and out of your engine. To help optimize air intake, the hood’s lines are designed to funnel more air into the combustion chamber. Thus, it’s perfect in tandem with a wide cold air intake. And to minimize engine heat, the Ram Air Hood also provides exceptional heat extraction characteristics. Ready to paint and prep, the Sinister Ram Air Hood uses existing latches and mounting points for an easier-than-expected installation.


Sinister Camaro Street Appearance Package

Sometimes, your Camaro makeover has to go the extra mile. When one or two components simply won’t cut it, the Sinister Camaro Street Appearance Package has everything you’re looking for. Inspired by Camaro’s own limited edition design packages, but designed with extra creativity and flair, this package provides exceptional value and comprehensive total-body coverage.

Sinister Camaro Street Appearance Package

From the front bumper to the rear spoiler (and practically every place in between), this exclusive Sinister Camaro component collection cuts no corner. You’ll get a Sinister Camaro hood, front air dam, optional exhaust tip enhancements, a sleek rear fascia, streamlined dovetail-style rear spoiler and perfectly proportioned side skirts. Individually, these street-ready accessories will help you stand out in the crowd. Collectively, these Camaro components include the finest design characteristics and highest quality you’ll find in any Camaro design package, from OEM-style to aftermarket supplied parts.

But the benefits don’t stop there. With your Sinister Camaro Street Appearance Package purchase, you’ll also receive Sinister logo fender badges and optional rear fascia lettering kit, free of charge! Plus, you can take advantage of exclusive pricing discounts on Foose Speed Wheels (20” and 22”) and custom-fit Sinister logo floor mats.

To learn more about the Sinister Camaro Street Appearance Package, including installation notes and other helpful info, please visit the PFYC product page here.


Sinister Camaro Dovetail Rear Spoiler

With a contemporary take on a classic design, the Sinister Dovetail Rear Spoiler masterfully combines modern appeal with Camaro’s legendary racing heritage. While some rear spoilers are (literally) over the top in terms of profile and size, the Sinister spoiler for your Camaro presses all the right buttons. Designed to complement your C5 Camaro, it utilizes the same mounting holes as the factory counterpart, so no extra drilling is required.

Sinister Camaro Dovetail Rear Spoiler

While the installation is ultra-easy and fast – you can install the Sinister Dovetail Rear Spoiler in well under an hour – the spoiler’s impact on your Camaro’s appearance is something to behold. Available in carbon fiber and fiberglass material, this popular Sinister Camaro part arrives without paint and ready for prep. You can match your Camaro’s body color, or mix things up with a two-tone look – it’s all up to you!

Remember – your Sinister upgrade doesn’t have to be singular! Camaro exterior upgrades are always better in tandem, working with another accessory to improve overall appearance – and performance! Browse our other top-quality Sinister Camaro components, or check out the comprehensive Sinister Camaro Street Appearance Package, with a half-dozen showroom-worthy accessories included!


Soup Up Your Camaro with the Sinister Look – Shop PFYC Today!

Sinister-style accents are only a few clicks away! With PFYC’s premium assortment of Sinister Camaro accessories, you’ll have the parts necessary to elevate your car’s appearance and performance. We’re proud to carry the Sinister line of Camaro aftermarket parts, and they’ve already earned high praise and accolades from our customers. Aside from the three featured selection above, our Sinister Camaro parts include a Lower Aerodynamics Package, Illuminated LED Logo Door Sills and other must-have accessories.

For any questions about your Sinister Camaro upgrade, our parts experts can help. Just give the PFYC main office a call at 866-695-7392, and we’ll help you source, select and ship quality Sinister Camaro parts in no time. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just let us know. Thanks for reading the PFYC blog, and make sure you check out our entire line of quality Camaro components.

Sinister style, super selection, superior customer service – come see for yourself why PFYC is the preferred Camaro parts source for DIY mechanics, auto body shops, dealerships and more!

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